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"InuYasha" InuYasha 1/7 Complete Figure

"InuYasha" InuYasha 1/7 Complete Figure product
"InuYasha" InuYasha 1/7 Complete Figure
"InuYasha" InuYasha 1/7 Complete Figure
"InuYasha" InuYasha 1/7 Complete Figure
"InuYasha" InuYasha 1/7 Complete Figure
"InuYasha" InuYasha 1/7 Complete Figure

Minimum: 14634 ¥

Average: 19748 ¥

Max: 26064 ¥

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NEOKYO22000 ¥
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JFIGURE16600 ¥
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AMIAMI15460 ¥
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  • Description

    Sculptor: hobbymax Cooperation: kiking From the anime "InuYasha" comes a 1/7 scale figure of the half-demon protagonist "InuYasha" InuYasha who persevered over the troubles of not belonging because of being a half demon is posed in a powerful moment were he swings the sword "Tessaiga" made from a fang of his Great Demon father. The kindness InuYasha usually hides can be seen in the expression on his face that is determined to protect Kagome and their friends. Don't miss checking out the movement sculpted into the hair for the dynamic pose and coloring of the figure. Display it with the separately sold figure of Sesshomaru to recreate the brothers fighting all out for the right to wield "Tessaiga", or the rare site of them fighting a common enemy together, or even adore them separately. Don't miss adding this figure to your collection! Enjoy displaying it as you like!

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