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Arcanadea Yukumo Plastic Model

Arcanadea Yukumo Plastic Model product
Arcanadea Yukumo Plastic Model
Arcanadea Yukumo Plastic Model
Arcanadea Yukumo Plastic Model
Arcanadea Yukumo Plastic Model
Arcanadea Yukumo Plastic Model

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    Sculptor: Ishii tatsuya, maimi From Kotobukiya's new Sci-fi Fantasy series, ARCANADEA, the Dears with an animal-like form, Yukumo, joins the plastic model kit lineup! By changing out certain parts, the model can be assembled in "Normal Mode" or "Wilize Mode" when in combat. The model is equipped with 3mm connection joints, making it compatible with parts from other Kotobukiya original series. Included Items & Features: -The model can be assembled in "Normal Mode" or in the combat-ready "Wilize Mode" by changing out certain parts. -The kit includes four face parts that have been pre-printed with tampography. -Decals are included for users to create their preferred expressions. -The kit includes a ring part (collar) for users to Engage with Yukumo. -The magic circle connection part on her back has a HEXA G-R.A.M. joint with a 3mm connection point in the middle and is interchangeable with other magic circle parts from the ARCANADEA series. -The shimenawa extending to the sides of her back is attached with joint parts and the angle is adjustable. -The bells and shide parts on the shimenawa are articulated with ball joints. -The "Normal Mode" leg parts use pop-out joints for the knee that can't be seen from the front when the model is standing, maintaining the shape of the legs while providing a wide range of movement. -A staff is included as a special weapon. Each of the ring parts on her staff are articulated. -A swordstick is included as a special weapon. -The front of the skirt is made of multiple parts and can be adjusted without getting in the character's way. -The large tail that extends from the waist with connection points can be adjusted up, down, left and right, according to the character's movements. -The tail is made of three layers connected with ball joints and can be adjusted flexibly. -The tip of the tail for "Normal Mode" has a joint and can be adjusted flexibly. -A special stand is included. -A special joint for the tail is included. Use the special stand and joint together for better stability. -A special weapon holding wrist joint is included. -The kit includes five sets of PVC hand parts which are compatible with weapons from the M.S.G, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl series. -The 3mm connection joints on the model are compatible with parts from the M.S.G, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl series. -The kit includes neck parts for attaching heads from the Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device series.

    Yukumo is a beautiful and stunning anime character who strikes at the first glance due to her unique and ethereal appearance. With an ethereal and alluring aura, Yukumo is the perfect balance of strength and grace. Her long and silky auburn hairs are adorned with a beautiful headpiece that gives her an aura of royalty. She has captivating blue eyes that are complemented by a gentle and caring personality. The way she carries herself is beyond compare – with an unmatchable poise and elegance, rendering even the strongest enemies captivated.

    The story of Yukumo is one that is packed with adventure, thriller, romance, and determination. She was once a human being who, at a young age, was trapped by an evil & powerful sorcerer. The sorcerer, in search of a potion, turned Yukumo and her family into plastic models that he could sell. They were forced to live like this for many years until one day, a group of rebels attacked the sorcerer's tower and destroyed it. In the chaos, a magical essence breaks the spell on Yukumo and her family. They were brought back to their human form but, due to the magic, they could now transform into plastic models whenever they needed to. With newfound powers and skills, Yukumo and her family became protectors of their world, going on dangerous missions and taking on mighty foes. Yukumo was once an ordinary girl with an extraordinary heart, and she had now become a hero that saved lives, protected her loved ones and saved the world.

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    166cm (65.35in)

    52kg (114.64lb)







    Protector of the World

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