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ARTFX J "Pokemon" Series Rosa with Snivy 1/8 Complete Figure

ARTFX J "Pokemon" Series Rosa with Snivy 1/8 Complete Figure product
ARTFX J "Pokemon" Series Rosa with Snivy 1/8 Complete Figure
ARTFX J "Pokemon" Series Rosa with Snivy 1/8 Complete Figure
ARTFX J "Pokemon" Series Rosa with Snivy 1/8 Complete Figure
ARTFX J "Pokemon" Series Rosa with Snivy 1/8 Complete Figure
ARTFX J "Pokemon" Series Rosa with Snivy 1/8 Complete Figure

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Max: 21603 ¥

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    Snivy Rosa
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Rosa: Tomomi Tsuchiya / Snivy: Wataru Orita Based on an original illustration from Hitoshi Ariga, one of the protagonists from Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2, Rosa is coming to life as a figure! Rosa's unique twintails and details on her outfit were made with great care. Check out the dynamic pose that captures her in the moment of throwing a Poke ball, with eyes peering from under her sun visor! Snivy joins the battle, sliding on leaves which are recreated with clear parts! Please see the figure up close and enjoy it down to the fine details. Display it alongside Nate with Oshawott to recreate the grand adventures in the Unova region! This reproduction will have a different SRP than its first release in Dec. 2017.

    Snivy is a fictional character from the anime series "Pokemon". She is a grass-type starter Pokemon that evolves into Servine and then Serperior. With her leafy tail and green skin, she looks like a cute, serpent-like creature. Her bright eyes are always fixed on her opponents, ready to pounce at a moment's notice. She has slender legs with small feet that end in sharp claws that allow her to climb trees effortlessly. Snivy's most striking feature is her pointed snout, which gives her a sly expression that matches her cunning personality.

    As a young Pokemon, Snivy was born in the Unova region and was quickly caught by her trainer, Rosa. She developed a close bond with Rosa and was always eager to please her. Snivy was known for her cunning tactics, often playing mind games with her opponents before striking with a powerful attack. As a result, she quickly became one of Rosa's most useful Pokemon. Together, they travelled across Unova, winning battles and making new friends along the way. In one memorable battle, Snivy even defeated the legendary Pokemon, Zekrom! Despite her success, Snivy never became complacent. She continued to train rigorously, always looking for ways to improve her techniques. Her ultimate goal was to evolve into Serperior, which she accomplished by becoming more confident in herself and her abilities. With each battle and new challenge, Snivy became stronger, more skilled, and more determined to be the best she could be.

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    61 cm (24 in)

    8.1 kg (17.9 lbs)







    Pokemon trainer's partner

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