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ARTFX J Urusei Yatsura Lum 1/7 Complete Figure

ARTFX J Urusei Yatsura Lum 1/7 Complete Figure product
ARTFX J Urusei Yatsura Lum 1/7 Complete Figure
ARTFX J Urusei Yatsura Lum 1/7 Complete Figure
ARTFX J Urusei Yatsura Lum 1/7 Complete Figure
ARTFX J Urusei Yatsura Lum 1/7 Complete Figure
ARTFX J Urusei Yatsura Lum 1/7 Complete Figure

Min: 14435 ¥

Avg: 15610 ¥

Max: 17303 ¥

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  • Description

    Sculptor: Salle cato Lum, the beautiful space alien princess in 1:7 scale. Now available! The highlight has to be the cute pose she's striking as she looks this way with her ice cream in hand. Her flowing hair and classic outfit have been carefully sculpted, bringing her to life. The beauty of her soft and supple skin has been skillfully incorporated into this piece. Take a close look and enjoy Lum from every angle!

    Lum, the fictional anime character from "Urusei Yatsura," is widely famous for her electric personality and her unmistakable physical appearance. Lum is a beautiful alien girl, known for her curvy figure and her striking features. She has bright green hair that is tied up in two horns on her head, with a small antenna at the top. Her big almond-shaped eyes match her hair color and hold a mischievous glint that reflects her playful nature. She has been depicted wearing a tiger-striped bikini, which also features a glowing bracelet on her wrist that serves as a power source for her otherworldly abilities. All in all, Lum is an irresistible sight, magnetizing both the viewers and characters of the show.

    The story of Lum is a classic tale of love that transcends boundaries, space and even time. She is the princess of the planet Oniboshi and a free-spirited alien who fell in love with the human boy, Ataru Moroboshi. After Lum's people gave Ataru a chance to avoid the Earth's destruction by playing a game of tag, Ataru managed to touch Lum, and he won the game. But instead of being relieved and grateful, Ataru ridiculed Lum and her love, much to Lum's dismay. Nonetheless, Lum continued to have a soft spot for Ataru, and they ended up spending a lot of time together despite Ataru's frequent flirtations with other girls. The story of Lum is full of cosmic adventures and wacky scenarios, where her love for Ataru is often put to the test. Throughout the show, Lum showcases her superhuman strength, ability to fly, and her electric powers, making her one of the strongest characters in the series. She is also known for her temper, which is easily triggered by Ataru's childish behavior or attempts to cheat on her. However, Lum is never one to hold a grudge, and she always tries to make things right in the end.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    154 cm (60.62 inches)

    42 kg (92.59 lb)


    Unknown, but appears around 18




    84-54-83 cm

    Princess of Planet Oniboshi

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