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ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Hiei 1/8 Complete Figure

ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Hiei 1/8 Complete Figure product
ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Hiei 1/8 Complete Figure
ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Hiei 1/8 Complete Figure
ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Hiei 1/8 Complete Figure
ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Hiei 1/8 Complete Figure
ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Hiei 1/8 Complete Figure

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Max: 10340 ¥

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    Sculptor: Hidemasa Kiyohara Created in 1990, the original comics "Yu Yu Hakusho" ran for years and was then adapted into a hit anime series. Telling the tale of a student who is brought back from the dead to serve as a "Spirit Detective" fighting supernatural crime. Now, the great characters from Yu Yu Hakusho are coming to you in the ARTFX J series! Hiei, the coldhearted demon with the Jagan eye, who also has a soft spot for his little sister, is coming out as a figure! His red pupils, the sharp whites of his eyes, and his compact form come together to bring the distinct Hiei to life. His characteristic, spiky hair and torn battle clothes are also recreated with close attention to detail. The effect piece for the Dark Dragon Wave is made of clear plastic with an emphasis on the detailed sculpt and the gradation of the black flames from the Demon World. The figure includes interchangeable face parts allowing you to display Hiei with or without his Jagan eye, and interchangeable right arm parts to display him with his dragon tattoo or effect piece. Displaying his base alongside the bases of the other Yu Yu Hakusho figures further recreate the atmosphere of the series. A timeless classic that remains popular to this day, add Kotobukiya's Yu Yu Hakusho figures to your collection today!

    Hiei is a fictional anime character from the Nendoroid series Kantai Collection -Kan Colle-. He is a Japanese World War II-era battlecruiser named after Mount Hiei, and he has been depicted as a cute Nendoroid figurine. His physical appearance includes a classic outfit with a blue and white cap and shining boots, paired with white gloves and a short skirt. The character is presented with dark blue hair that matches the color of his outfit. His unique design is truly adorable and makes him stand out from other anime characters.

    Hiei, the Kan Colle Hiei, is an interesting character with an intriguing backstory. He is a World War II-era battlecruiser who has been given a new life as a cute anime character. He was named after the Mount Hiei, the sacred mountain in Japan, and was built to become the top-ranking ship of his era. Hiei was involved in several significant battles and played a vital role in the Pacific War. Despite his successes as a battleship, he gained many enemies, and eventually, he was retired from service. Hiei's fictional story depicts him as a strong and reliable fighter who always stands up for what he believes in, even in the face of danger.

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    Dark Blue

    10 cm (3.93 inches)

    0.3 kg (0.66 lb)







    Battlecruiser (retired)

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