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ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Kurama 1/8 Complete Figure

ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Kurama 1/8 Complete Figure product
ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Kurama 1/8 Complete Figure
ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Kurama 1/8 Complete Figure
ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Kurama 1/8 Complete Figure
ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Kurama 1/8 Complete Figure
ARTFX J YuYu Hakusho Kurama 1/8 Complete Figure

Min: 4950 ¥

Avg: 8138 ¥

Max: 9438 ¥

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  • Description

    Sculptor: Tatsumaki Created in 1990, the original comics "Yu Yu Hakusho" ran for years and was then adapted into a hit anime series. Telling the tale of a student who is brought back from the dead to serve as a "Spirit Detective" fighting supernatural crime. Now, the great characters from Yu Yu Hakusho are coming to you in the ARTFX J series! Kurama, the former fox demon now possessing a human form, is coming out as a figure! His beautiful face and figure come to life with his signature green eyes and red hair. He is recreated in stunning detail, from his characteristic hairstyle and battle outfit to his subtle smile and graceful battle stance. Manipulating plants to use as weapons, the rose that Kurama holds is also meticulously recreated. The figure includes interchangeable parts with the option to display the figure holding two roses or his iconic Rose Whip. Displaying his base alongside the bases of the other Yu Yu Hakusho figures further recreate the atmosphere of the series. A timeless classic that remains popular to this day, add Kotobukiya's Yu Yu Hakusho figures to your collection today!

    Kurama is a fictional anime character from the popular anime and manga series, YuYu Hakusho. He is a demon fox known for his mesmerizing beauty and intelligence, and he stands out for his alluring emerald green hair and piercing eyes. Kurama is very slender and has a lean yet muscular physique. He is often seen wearing his green school uniform, but when he transforms into his demon form, he becomes a striking and powerful creature with a fox's head and nine tails. Kurama is a fan favorite and is one of the most recognizable and popular characters from the series, and his unique design has made him a favorite among cosplayers and figure collectors.

    Kurama's story begins in the demon world where he was born as a fox spirit. However, he sought to escape his chaotic world and find sanctuary in the human world, where he could live a peaceful and comfortable life among the humans. He made a deal with the spirit world and transformed himself into a human baby and was reborn as Shuichi Minamino. As he grew older, Kurama's memories of his demon life began to return, and he found himself drawn back into the dangerous demon world. Kurama became a skilled fighter and ally to the protagonist Yusuke Urameshi, fighting alongside him to protect their world from evil demons and supernatural threats. Throughout the series, Kurama remains a complex and intriguing character, with his intelligence, cunning, and loyalty making him a fan favorite.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation

    Emerald Green

    180cm (70.9 inches)

    68 kg (150 lbs)


    Unknown (appears to be in his late teens to early twenties)





    Demon Hunter/Student

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