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Azur Lane Chao Ho 1/7 Complete Figure

Azur Lane Chao Ho 1/7 Complete Figure product
Azur Lane Chao Ho 1/7 Complete Figure
Azur Lane Chao Ho 1/7 Complete Figure
Azur Lane Chao Ho 1/7 Complete Figure
Azur Lane Chao Ho 1/7 Complete Figure
Azur Lane Chao Ho 1/7 Complete Figure

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    Azur Lane Chao Ho 1/7 Complete Figure
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    Sculptor: CKB Cooperation: Y&Y Models Paintwork: Hiiro (scarlet)

    Chowa, the fictional anime character from Azur Lane Chao Ho 1/7 Complete Figure is a mesmerizing figure to behold. Standing tall at an impressive height, Chowa's delicate features are complemented by her flowing black hair that cascades down her back. Her captivating eyes, with a hint of mischief, sparkle of their own accord and reflect her cheerful and playful personality. Chowa's outfit consists of a sophisticated pink dress with intricate black lace detailing and dark-colored boots, which accentuate her feminine figure. Her outfit truly amplifies her captivating charm and alluring aura.

    Chowa is the mischievous and fun-loving character whose sense of humor is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face. Her adventurous and daring spirit often leads her to take bold and impulsive decisions, which may not always bode well for her. Chowa is known for her bubbly personality, and her ever-smiling face can light up any room. Growing up in a naval family, Chowa was always passionate about becoming a sailor and having her own ship, which she finally achieved after years of hard work and dedication. Chowa's proficiency in naval warfare is second to none; the knowledge she possesses always comes in handy during battles. Despite initially struggling to get a command of her ship, Chowa managed to inspire her team members with her impeccable leadership skills and had them willingly follow her lead.

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    24cm (9.4in)

    0.5kg (1.1lb)







    Sailor and Commander of her own ship.

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