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Azur Lane Honolulu 1/7 Complete Figure

Azur Lane Honolulu 1/7 Complete Figure product
Azur Lane Honolulu 1/7 Complete Figure
Azur Lane Honolulu 1/7 Complete Figure
Azur Lane Honolulu 1/7 Complete Figure
Azur Lane Honolulu 1/7 Complete Figure
Azur Lane Honolulu 1/7 Complete Figure

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Max: 52832 ¥

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  • Description

    Sculptor: Misairu [Honolulu], Usagi [Ship Rigging] Paintwork: Nanami Tetsumori [Honolulu], Miura Osami [Ship Rigging]

    Honolulu, from the anime Azur Lane, is a stunning character with an attractive physique that caught the eyes of many anime fans. Honolulu is a Light Armor character that stands with a confident and composed posture that epitomizes her warrior spirit. Her charming appearance constitutes a blend of feminine and masculine traits. She has short, electric blue hair styled in a bob cut, with two tufts at the back of her head, giving her an edgy appearance. Honolulu boasts of large breasts that command attention, and she has a lean figure that complements her radiant personality. She wears a sleek military skirt, which partially reveals her toned thighs and adds to her extraordinary appeal.

    Honolulu's story is captivating, and it captures the hearts of many viewers. She is from an alternate universe where World War II abruptly ended, but the war needs did not cease. The world was plagued with sirens, ruthless alien beings that threatened the very existence of humanity. Honolulu, as a warrior representing the Azur Lane faction, is an inherent fighter dedicated to combating these extraterrestrial beings. She participates in various operations, where she proves herself to be a competent and reliable fighter. Honolulu is also an upbeat character that tries to keep her friends' spirits high despite the danger they often face. Her tenacity and unyielding spirit make her an essential asset to the team, and her unwavering dedication towards her goal inspires many.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation

    Electric blue

    18 cm (7.08 inches)

    0.48 kg (1.06 lb)






    B91 W61 H91

    Warrior in the Azur Lane Faction.

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