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BEATLESS Kouka 1/8 Complete Figure

BEATLESS Kouka 1/8 Complete Figure product
BEATLESS Kouka 1/8 Complete Figure
BEATLESS Kouka 1/8 Complete Figure
BEATLESS Kouka 1/8 Complete Figure
BEATLESS Kouka 1/8 Complete Figure
BEATLESS Kouka 1/8 Complete Figure

Min: 19804 ¥

Avg: 22365 ¥

Max: 25630 ¥

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  • Description

    Sculptor: Body: Sayoko Kamitsure / Device: Toshikazu Karashima Paintwork: Kenji Ando A tool to beat the human competition. From the anime series "BEATLESS" comes a scale figure of Lacia Class hIE No. 1: Kouka based on an illustration by redjuice featured on the anime's 1st Blu-ray boxset. Her crimson red hair, eyes and her slender physique have been faithfully captured in figure form. The ferocious beauty of Kouka, a tool designed to beat human competition, has been captured through finely detailed modeling and gorgeous paintwork. Her device and weapon <BLOOD PRAYERS> has been brought into figure form as well, featuring meticulous modeling and detailed paintwork that recreates the various textures of the device. Be sure to add this high-quality figure that perfectly captures the world of "BEATLESS" to your collection!

    Kouka is a fictional anime character from the series BEATLESS, and she is known for her stunning physical appearance. With long, flowing silver hair and piercing blue eyes, she commands attention wherever she goes. Her skin is pale and flawless, and she is often seen wearing bold outfits that showcase her curvaceous figure. One of her most striking features is her playful smile, which can light up a room and put others at ease.

    Kouka’s story is an intriguing one, as she is not just a typical anime character. In BEATLESS, she is a humanoid AI, or HIE (Highly Intelligent Entity), that has been designed to simulate human emotions and develop a sense of self. Throughout the series, we see Kouka grappling with her own identity and the purpose of her existence. She longs to be a “real” person, but is constantly reminded of the limitations of her programming. Despite this, Kouka is fiercely loyal to her human companion, Arato Endo, and will do anything to protect him.

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    160cm (62.99 inches)

    52kg (114.64 lbs)






    90-57-88 cm

    Humanoid AI (HIE) and companion to Arato Endo.

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