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Bombergirl Pine 1/6 Complete Figure

Bombergirl Pine 1/6 Complete Figure product
Bombergirl Pine 1/6 Complete Figure
Bombergirl Pine 1/6 Complete Figure
Bombergirl Pine 1/6 Complete Figure
Bombergirl Pine 1/6 Complete Figure
Bombergirl Pine 1/6 Complete Figure

Min: 21780 ¥

Avg: 29430 ¥

Max: 34066 ¥

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34066 ¥
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21780 ¥
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    Sculptor: LESLyzerosix Paintwork: Hajime Akimoto (Hajimeno) "I'll show you the power of a genius. Right, assistant?" From the arcade game "Bombergirl" comes a scale figure of the genius idol with a 10-billion IQ, Pine! Pine has been recreated in her bikini showing off her genius with a smile on her face. An interchangeable body for displaying her in a different pose is also included. Her hot pants can be cast-off, and a white cat part is also included to display on top of her head! Be sure to add her to your collection!

    Pine is a fictional anime character from the series Bombergirl. She is a beautiful young woman with a unique fashion sense. Pine has long lavender hair that falls down in loose waves. Her striking hair color makes her easily recognizable in a crowd. She wears a large red ribbon tied around her head that adds a touch of cuteness to her overall appearance. Pine's skin is porcelain white, and she has big, gorgeous green eyes that make her look like a fairy from a magical land. She is slender yet curvaceous, and she loves to wear colorful and playful outfits that help her express her personality.

    Pine's story begins with her being part of a group of girls who are deemed to become the ultimate Bombergirls. They are all experts in the use of bombs, which they use to blow up obstacles and monsters that stand in their way. However, Pine is different from the other girls. She has a secret past that is shrouded in mystery, and nobody knows her true identity. It is said that she was once a noblewoman who was betrayed by her family and left to die in the wilderness. But she managed to survive and made a name for herself as a master bomber. Pine is determined to uncover the truth about her past, and she will do whatever it takes to achieve her goal.

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    165 cm (64.96 inches)

    50 kg (110.231 lb)






    85-57-84 cm


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