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Chainsaw Man Makima 1/7 Complete Figure

Chainsaw Man Makima 1/7 Complete Figure product
Chainsaw Man Makima 1/7 Complete Figure
Chainsaw Man Makima 1/7 Complete Figure
Chainsaw Man Makima 1/7 Complete Figure
Chainsaw Man Makima 1/7 Complete Figure
Chainsaw Man Makima 1/7 Complete Figure

Min: 22577 ¥

Avg: 23124 ¥

Max: 23900 ¥

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    Phat Company
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22577 ¥
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Koudai Abe (Fenrir) Paintwork: Inaba (Claynel) Cooperation: Phat! Presenting a scale figure of Makima, leader of Public Safety Special Division 4! From the anime series "Chainsaw Man" comes a 1/7 scale figure of the devil hunter that reports directly to the Chief Cabinet Secretary, Makima! Makima has been captured in figure form sitting atop the ruins of a brick wall with a gentle smile on her face. Makima's mysterious expression that conveys an air of kindness with a sense of terror concealed within, her clean uniform, fluttering coat, braided hair and the bright graffiti on the wall that seems to contradict the overall atmosphere of the figure have been created in incredible detail.

    Makima, known as the "Devil Hunter," is a fictional anime character who stands out with her stunning appearance. Her long brown hair drapes down to her waist, framing her strikingly sharp facial features, with a pair of icy-blue eyes that seemingly pierces through anyone that catches her gaze. She exudes confidence and power through her curvaceous figure clad in a revealing bunny suit with a chainsaw strapped to her back. The contrasting pink and black colored attire complements her complexion and enhances her beauty, emphasizing her role as a seductive and deadly character.

    Makima's story unfolds in the fantasy world of Chainsaw Man, where she plays a significant role as a commander of Public Safety Division 4, responsible for exterminating demons, also known as devils. Her character is cunning, mysterious, and manipulative, keeping her colleagues and enemies guessing about her true intentions. She is a mastermind in her tactics for controlling devils, using fear as her primary weapon, and is regarded as the most feared woman in the world of Chainsaw Man. Despite her ruthless and cold demeanor, Makima is revealed to have a kind side, which she rarely shows to anyone. Her backstory and ultimate motives in the series remain a puzzle to the audience, making her character more intriguing and unpredictable.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    172cm (67.7 inches)

    57kg (125.6lbs)






    90-58-89 cm

    Devil Hunter and Commander of Public Safety Division 4

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