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Chibi Figure Pop Team Epic Popuko & Pipimi

Chibi Figure Pop Team Epic Popuko & Pipimi product
Chibi Figure Pop Team Epic Popuko & Pipimi
Chibi Figure Pop Team Epic Popuko & Pipimi
Chibi Figure Pop Team Epic Popuko & Pipimi
Chibi Figure Pop Team Epic Popuko & Pipimi
Chibi Figure Pop Team Epic Popuko & Pipimi

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Max: 6930 ¥

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    Popuko Pipimi
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  • Description

    Sculptor: genm "Are you upset?" "No, I'm not." From "Pop Team Epic" comes chibi figures! Be sure to add these figures of Popuko and Pipimi from a famous scene from the series to your collection!

    Popuko is a fictional anime character that has gained a lot of popularity among anime fans since its debut in 2018, as part of the TV anime series "POP TEAM EPIC." The character is known for its cute and bizarre appearance that makes it stand out from other anime characters. Popuko appears as a small, white creature with big black eyes, a small nose, and tiny hands and feet. It has fluffy ears, two black stripes on its cheeks, and a small tail. Popuko wears a sailor-style school uniform that consists of a yellow and black striped top, a red tie, and a pleated skirt, making it look like an adorable schoolgirl.

    Despite its cute appearance, Popuko has a unique story compared to other characters. Popuko's story revolves around its mundane life as an ordinary student who dreams of becoming a professional manga artist. Popuko lives with its family, consisting of a mother and two younger siblings, and spends most of its time practicing drawing techniques and reading manga. Popuko often goes on hilarious adventures with its best friend, Pipimi, a much taller and intimidating character, who has a contrasting personality. Pipimi is more serious and often guides Popuko through tough situations. Together, the duo takes on different challenges, making their journey a fun and unique experience.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation

    None (white fur)

    20 (7.8)

    0.2 (0.4)







    Student and aspiring manga artist.

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