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Cutie1 Chainsaw Man Denji

Cutie1 Chainsaw Man Denji product
Cutie1 Chainsaw Man Denji
Cutie1 Chainsaw Man Denji
Cutie1 Chainsaw Man Denji
Cutie1 Chainsaw Man Denji
Cutie1 Chainsaw Man Denji

Min: 4901 ¥

Avg: 5502 ¥

Max: 6798 ¥

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5500 ¥
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5500 ¥
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6798 ¥


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4901 ¥
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  • Description

    Denj is a fictional anime character that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The character is known for its unique physical appearance, which sets it apart from other fictional anime characters. Denj is a demon with black hair that reaches up to its shoulders. Its physique is muscular and lean, giving it a classic anime look. Denj wears a bright red jumpsuit that complements its black hair, and it wields a chainsaw as its main weapon. The character's physical appearance is what sets it apart from other fictional anime characters, and it has become a favorite among anime lovers.

    Denj's story is one that has captured the imagination of many anime lovers around the world. Denj is a demon who used to work for the Devil Hunter organization, which is responsible for protecting humans from supernatural threats. The organization was destroyed in a battle with a powerful demon, and Denj was the only survivor. In its quest for revenge, Denj made a deal with the devil and became a devil hunter. Denj's powers increased tenfold, and it became one of the most feared hunters in the demon world. However, Denj's true nature as a demon became apparent to its teammates, and they turned against it. Denj was forced to flee, and it now roams the demon world, searching for a way to break the curse that was placed on it when it made a deal with the devil.

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    185cm (72.8in)

    90kg (198.4lb)







    Devil Hunter

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