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Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Horohoro

Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Horohoro product
Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Horohoro
Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Horohoro
Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Horohoro
Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Horohoro
Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Horohoro

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    Usui Horoke
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1880 ¥
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7153 ¥
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    Usui Horoke is a fictional character from the anime series Shaman King. At first glance, he is a tall and slender young man with long white hair that is tied at the back with a green ribbon. His most striking feature is his piercing blue eyes that stare right through a person's soul. He wears a black coat with long sleeves and a brown fur collar. His pants are brown with a pair of black boots. He sports a necklace around his neck and a headband with a red bead on his forehead.

    Usui Horoke, also known as Horohoro, is a member of the Ainu tribe of Hokkaido. He is initially introduced as Yoh's rival, but they eventually become close friends. Horohoro's primary goal is to become a Shaman King to create a paradise for his people. He joins Yoh and his friends on their journey to participate in the Shaman Fight, a tournament that decides the next Shaman King. Horohoro's spirit companion is the Kororo, a snow fairy that can manipulate ice and water. Unlike most shamans who fight with spirits, Horohoro prefers to use a wooden snowboard and his elemental abilities. Horohoro's past is touched upon in the series, revealing that he once lived in his village with his sister, Pirika. However, their village was destroyed due to urbanization, causing them to move to Funbari Onsen. He studied at a local school and learned snowboarding, which would eventually become his weapon of choice. His personality is that of a calm and composed individual, but beneath that facade lies deep sadness due to the loss of his village. Horohoro's ultimate goal of becoming a Shaman King is driven by his desire to prevent any other communities from suffering the same fate as his own.

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    181cm (71.3 inches)

    73kg (161lbs)







    Shaman King contestant

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