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Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Tao Ren

Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Tao Ren product
Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Tao Ren
Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Tao Ren
Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Tao Ren
Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Tao Ren
Cutie1 Plus SHAMAN KING Tao Ren

Min: 1880 ¥

Avg: 4516 ¥

Max: 7153 ¥

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    Tao Ren
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1880 ¥
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7153 ¥
  • Description

    Tao Ren is a fictional character from the anime series Shaman King. His physical appearance is quite striking, with piercings on his ears and lips that match his black and red outfit. Ren has spiky black hair that is slicked back, and his sharp eyes are always focused and intense. He also carries a large chipped-bone sword, which he wields skillfully in combat. Overall, he has a serious and intimidating demeanor that commands respect from his allies and enemies alike.

    Ren comes from the Tao family, one of the Five Elemental Warrior families who are destined to fight in the Shaman King tournament. He is a proud and skilled warrior who believes in the power of strength and domination. However, his past is filled with tragedy and betrayal, which has left him with deep emotional scars. Ren's father was murdered by their own family, and he was exiled from his clan due to his mother's betrayal. As a result, Ren becomes cold and ruthless, preferring to rely only on himself and his power. Despite his tough exterior, Ren has a deep sense of honor and loyalty, which he displays to his close friends and allies.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    175cm (68.9in)

    63kg (139lb)

    Dark Brown






    Shaman and Elemental Warrior

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