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Digital Monsters Dynamotion Greymon

Digital Monsters Dynamotion Greymon product
Digital Monsters Dynamotion Greymon
Digital Monsters Dynamotion Greymon
Digital Monsters Dynamotion Greymon

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    Greymon, also known as Digital Monsters Dynamotion Greymon, is a popular anime character that features in the franchise of Digimon. The character depicts a dinosaur-like creature that has a strong, fearsome, and robust physique. Its dominant characteristic is the massive clawed hands that can effortlessly tear through rocks and any obstacle that it comes across. Greymon has a core visor on its forehead that sharpens its vision and amplifies its intuition in combat. It features a bright orange body with a white underside, giving it a distinguished appearance that captures the viewers' attention.

    Greymon's story in Digimon begins as an Agumon, the form it takes before evolving into Greymon. Agumon is a small dinosaur-like creature that meets its 8-year-old human friend, Tai, in the Digital World. After Tai rescues the undecided Agumon, the two develop an inseparable bond as they go on adventures together. Tai uses his Digivice, a device that enables him to scan and activate his partner's Digimon, to help Agumon evolve into Greymon. As Greymon, it becomes a strong and reliable ally of Tai and his team, helping them defeat evil Digimon that threaten the Digital World. Greymon's signature move is the Nova Blast, an intense burst of flames from its mouth that can destroy any enemy in its path. Throughout the Digimon series, Greymon continues to evolve into more powerful forms, each time confronting bigger and tougher foes.

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    Approx. 190cm (Approx. 75 inches)

    Approx. 110kg (Approx. 242lbs)







    Digital Monster and ally to Tai and his team.

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