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figma Blue Archive Shiroko Sunaookami

figma Blue Archive Shiroko Sunaookami product
figma Blue Archive Shiroko Sunaookami
figma Blue Archive Shiroko Sunaookami
figma Blue Archive Shiroko Sunaookami
figma Blue Archive Shiroko Sunaookami
figma Blue Archive Shiroko Sunaookami

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Max: 15690 ¥

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  • Description

    Sculptor: Maoji Cooperation: Masaki Apsy Character Design/Illustration: Hwansang "So long as you're prepared, there should be nothing to worry about. It's a simple rule to follow." From the popular game "Blue Archive" comes a figma of Shiroko Sunaookami, second-year student at Abydos High School and member of the Countermeasures Council! She comes with two face plates-an expressionless face and a blushing face. Her assault rifle, drone, bag (with interchangeable back strap) and a sitting skirt part with parts to display her kneeling on either leg are included as optional parts. The assault rifle's magazine, scope and suppressor are removable and the stock is articulated. A magazine part that can be mounted on her bag is included, allowing you to attach her assault rifle to her bag. A Masked Mizugi Gang masked head part is included for recreating the game's memorable bank robbery scene. A large size articulated figma stand is included to display the figma in a variety of poses.

    Shirok is a fictional anime character known for her striking appearance that has captivated fans worldwide. She stands tall with a height of around 165 cm, which complements her lean and toned physique. Her beautiful silky blue hair falls in soft waves down to her waist, framing her perfectly symmetrical face. The sharp angles of her delicate features, combined with her piercing icy blue eyes give her an unearthly and almost ethereal appearance. Shirok often wears a white school uniform that accentuates her otherworldly beauty, and her casual outfits are always carefully coordinated to enhance her striking appearance.

    Shirok's story begins in the futuristic city of Tensei, where she resides in the prestigious Tsukimori High School. Despite her stunning looks, Shirok is fiercely intelligent and excels in all of her studies, taking pride in her academic achievements. However, her exceptional abilities go beyond just her intelligence. Shirok is also gifted in combat, and her exceptional physical prowess has earned her the nickname "White Thunder" among her classmates. She possesses an unbreakable spirit and a kind heart, and she often stands up for those who cannot defend themselves. Her charisma and leadership skills have brought her to the forefront of many student-led projects, and she has become a beloved figure among her peers. Despite her abilities and status, Shirok harbors a dark secret. Deep within her lies a fear of losing control over her powerful abilities, and she struggles to keep her emotions in check. Her past haunts her, and she often feels isolated despite being surrounded by those who care for her deeply. As she navigates through the challenges of adolescence, Shirok learns to embrace her inner strength and confront her deepest fears, paving the way for her to become a true hero.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    165 cm (65 inches)

    52 kg (114.64 lb)






    83-56-84 cm

    High School Student

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