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figma Hololive Production Shiranui Flare

figma Hololive Production Shiranui Flare product
figma Hololive Production Shiranui Flare
figma Hololive Production Shiranui Flare
figma Hololive Production Shiranui Flare
figma Hololive Production Shiranui Flare
figma Hololive Production Shiranui Flare

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    Shiranui Flare
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Maoji Paintwork: Asuka Marunouchi Cooperation: Masaki Apsy "Noon-nui! This is Shiranui Flare!" From the popular VTuber group "hololive production" comes a figma action figure of hololive 3rd Generation half-elf VTuber Shiranui Flare! She comes with three face plates including a smiling face, a face with closed eyes and a winking face. A miniature figure of her fairy-like creature Kintsuba is included. Her bow and arrow from the hololive Alternative Teaser PV are included. She also comes with hand parts to pose her holding the bow and arrow. A left hand part with a ring on her ring finger is included too! An articulated figma stand is included to display the figma in a variety of poses. *figma is based on her outfit as of December 11, 2021.

    Shiranui Flare is a popular fictional anime character hailing from the Nenoroid Hololive Production franchise. She has a striking appearance with long, flowing scarlet hair that reaches down below her waist. Flare's eyes are a piercing gold color, giving her an intense and powerful gaze that adds to her aura of strength. Her armor and clothing are decorated with intricate details in vivid shades of red and gold, giving her a regal and imposing presence. Atop her head sits a pair of flame-like horns that resemble that of a demon, further adding to her striking appearance. Overall, Shiranui Flare exudes confidence and power, making her one of the most formidable and memorable characters in anime.

    Flare's story is a fascinating one, filled with adventure and determination. She is a skilled warrior who values strength and honor above all else, and has overcome many challenges to get to where she is today. Born in a world filled with magic and danger, Flare was raised by her father to become a powerful knight and protector of her people. From a young age, she showed immense talent and potential, and was soon recognized as a rising star among her peers. As Flare grew older, she began to take on more and more dangerous missions, fighting monsters and dark forces that threatened the safety of her kingdom. Her bravery and skill in battle earned her many accolades, and she quickly became known as one of the most fearsome warriors in the land. Despite this, Flare remains humble and dedicated to her cause, always striving to improve herself and become an even greater warrior.

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    155cm (61 inches)

    45kg (99lbs)







    Knight and protector of her people

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