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figma Hololive Production Shirogane Noel

figma Hololive Production Shirogane Noel product
figma Hololive Production Shirogane Noel
figma Hololive Production Shirogane Noel
figma Hololive Production Shirogane Noel
figma Hololive Production Shirogane Noel
figma Hololive Production Shirogane Noel

Min: 8147 ¥

Avg: 10053 ¥

Max: 14178 ¥

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    Shirogane Noel
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9800 ¥
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13780 ¥
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8730 ¥
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8600 ¥
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8196 ¥
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8147 ¥
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10424 ¥


14178 ¥
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8624 ¥
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Max Factory (Maeda) Cooperation: Masaki Apsy "All hustle, all muscle! Shirogane Noel's here!" From the popular VTuber group "hololive production" comes a figma action figure of hololive 3rd Generation fluffy, meatheaded knight VTuber Shirogane Noel! She comes with three face plates including a smiling face, a face with closed eyes and an angry face. Her mace, a beef bowl, a pair of sunglasses, a rattle and a baby bottle are included as optional parts. A left hand part with a ring on her ring finger is included too! An articulated figma stand is included to display the figma in a variety of poses.

    Shirogane Noel is a fictional anime character from the popular Hololive Production. This character is famous for its cute and adorable appearance. She boasts a slender figure, a proportionate body with shiny silver hair, and bright green eyes that bring life to her character. She wears a white and silver dress, white leggings with silver boots, which makes her look more angelic and pure. Her cute looks accentuated with a pair of cute pointed ears that indicate she might be from a different world.

    Shirogane Noel's story revolves around her being an angelic warrior who is on a mission to save the world. She is a charming and beautiful character with an infectious personality that often leaves people wanting more. Noel is a celestial being with supernatural powers and excellent fighting skills. She is known as an emissary of light whose primary goal is to protect the world and its inhabitants. Noel's character is charismatic and relatable to many viewers; her confident personality and fighting spirit make her a crowd favorite. Her journey takes her through different challenges and obstacles that test not only her physical ability but also her mental strength. She constantly strives to become the best version of herself and is always eager for more significant challenges.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    147 cm (58 inches)

    43 kg (95 lb)






    78-54-80 cm

    Celestial Being and Emissary of Light.

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