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figma SSSS.GRIDMAN Gridman (Primal Fighter)

figma SSSS.GRIDMAN Gridman (Primal Fighter) product
figma SSSS.GRIDMAN Gridman (Primal Fighter)
figma SSSS.GRIDMAN Gridman (Primal Fighter)
figma SSSS.GRIDMAN Gridman (Primal Fighter)
figma SSSS.GRIDMAN Gridman (Primal Fighter)
figma SSSS.GRIDMAN Gridman (Primal Fighter)

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    Sculptor: Ryo Sakano (dragon studio), Toy House Cooperation: Masaki Apsy, Max Factory "Because I am Gridman the Hyper Agent!" From the anime series "SSSS.GRIDMAN" comes a new version of figma Gridman featuring armor in a different color! Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can create a variety of heroic poses. Gridman Calibur and a Grid Light Saber slash effect part are included. Both a standard blade and forced-perspective blade for Gridman Calibur are included. An articulated figma stand is also included, allowing for all sorts of different poses! *This product uses the mold of figma Gridman, which was released in 2019, with the addition of new paintwork and some new parts.

    Gridman, also known as the Hyper Agent Gridman, is a fictional character from the anime series SSSS.Gridman. He is a humanoid figure with a sleek, blue and silver-colored bodysuit that fits tightly around his muscular frame. Gridman stands taller than the average human, with a height of 50 meters, towering over buildings and other obstacles with ease. His face is hidden behind a metallic mask, with glowing eyes and a red stripe running down the center of his helmet. Gridman's appearance exudes strength and a sense of invincibility, fitting for a superhero of his caliber.

    The story of Gridman revolves around a young man named Yuta Hibiki, who becomes inexplicably drawn into a world threatened by giant monsters known as Kaiju. Yuta discovers that he can merge with Gridman through a computer program, joining forces to battle the menacing beasts and protect the city. Gridman initially lacks memories of his former self and must piece his identity together while fighting alongside Yuta. As the series progresses, Gridman slowly uncovers his true purpose and the reason behind his transformation into a Hyper Agent. He also gradually becomes more independent, learning to fight alongside Yuta without his assistance. Gridman's unwavering determination and strength of will make him an impressive ally and a beacon of hope for both Yuta and the city's residents.

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    50 meters (transformed state) (1968.5 inches (transformed state))

    N/A (N/A)

    Glowing white






    Hyper Agent and protector of the city.

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