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Figuarts mini Damian Desmond "Spy x Family"

Figuarts mini Damian Desmond "Spy x Family" product
Figuarts mini Damian Desmond "Spy x Family"
Figuarts mini Damian Desmond "Spy x Family"
Figuarts mini Damian Desmond "Spy x Family"

Min: 2079 ¥

Avg: 2255 ¥

Max: 2430 ¥

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    Damian Desmond
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2430 ¥
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2295 ¥
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2218 ¥
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2079 ¥
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  • Description

    Damian Desmond is a fictional anime character from the Nendoroid Spy x Family series. He is a handsome spy with a slim and fit physique, characterized by his distinct facial features and suave appearance. He has short slicked-back blonde hair, piercing green eyes that can be both alluring and intimidating, and a chiseled jawline that makes him stand out from the crowd. Throughout his missions, he dons a black suit and tie that complement his natural charm and charisma.

    Despite his good looks, Damian isn't just a pretty face. He possesses an excellent set of spy skills that make him one of the most effective and reliable members of the Twilight Organization. However, things take a turn when he is assigned to infiltrate an elite school and recruit a talented mind reader named Anya Forger to spy on her family. Unbeknownst to him, Anya's family is made up of an overprotective former assassin, a telepathic little girl, and a dog who can see the future. Soon, Damian finds himself entangled in a web of lies and secrets, struggling to keep his cover while trying to prevent a looming war between two rival spy organizations. As the story progresses, Damian's interactions with the Forger family slowly reveal his compassionate and protective nature that he had long kept hidden due to his profession. Despite his initial motives, he can't help but grow attached to the quirky family he meets. As he navigates his way out of tricky situations, he starts to question the motives of the Twilight Organization, ultimately deciding to become a double agent and work with the family to protect those closest to him. With his quick wit, cunning intelligence, and charming demeanor, Damian Desmond proves to be a spy not to be messed with.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    179 cm (70.5 inches)

    75 kg (165 lbs)








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