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Final Fantasy Bright Arts Gallery Chocobo

Final Fantasy Bright Arts Gallery Chocobo product
Final Fantasy Bright Arts Gallery Chocobo
Final Fantasy Bright Arts Gallery Chocobo
Final Fantasy Bright Arts Gallery Chocobo

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    Square Enix
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    Chocobo is a fictional anime character that first appeared in the game Final Fantasy II in 1988. He is a cute and lovable character resembling a large yellow bird with big, round, blue eyes and tiny wings that are not capable of flight. Though Chocobo doesn't have any hands or fingers, he has small, claw-like feet that he uses with great dexterity when running and jumping. He has a distinct cry that sounds like "kweh," which has become one of his trademark traits. Chocobo is often depicted wearing a saddle or carrying a rider, and as such, he has become one of the most iconic creatures in the Final Fantasy franchise.

    Chocobo's story begins as a means of transportation in the Final Fantasy series. However, as the games progressed, his role expanded to include mini-games, side quests, and spin-off titles, earning a fan base of its own. The non-playable character has been the star of his own games like Chocobo Racing and Chocobo's Dungeon, further expanding his universe. The character has a standalone personality and has become essential to the series. In the games, players have to train and breed chocobos to compete in races or help them search for treasure. In some games, Chocobo acts as a warrior, using his abilities to defeat enemies and save the world.

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    Transportation, Adventurer, Hero

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