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Fire Emblem Byleth 1/7 Complete Figure

Fire Emblem Byleth 1/7 Complete Figure product
Fire Emblem Byleth 1/7 Complete Figure
Fire Emblem Byleth 1/7 Complete Figure
Fire Emblem Byleth 1/7 Complete Figure
Fire Emblem Byleth 1/7 Complete Figure
Fire Emblem Byleth 1/7 Complete Figure

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Max: 37851 ¥

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  • Description

    Sculptor: Tokura (knead) Paintwork: Shoushin Murakawa (knead) "Allow me to demonstrate!" From the Fire Emblem series comes the fourth figure in a new series of figures made by the developer of the series, INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS! From the latest Fire Emblem game, "Fire Emblem: Three Houses" comes a 1/7th scale figure of the main character Byleth! Byleth has been captured in figure form in a dynamic pose, swinging her sword as she leads her students in battle. The figure comes with two versions of the Sword of the Creator that Byleth can be displayed holding - a standard version and a special effect version. The two parts feature the sword in a different form, dramatically changing the atmosphere of the figure. Enjoy viewing the figure from every angle!

    Byleth, the protagonist of the popular anime game Fire Emblem, stands tall and confident with piercing blue eyes and short green hair. With a slender and athletic build, Byleth can often be seen wearing a suit of plate armor emblazoned with the emblem of their mercenary group. They exude an aura of coolness and calm, and their skill with a sword is truly unmatched. Byleth's distinguishing features include a serious expression that belies their fierce determination, and a scar above their left eyebrow that hints at a troubled past.

    Byleth's story is one of tragedy and redemption. Abandoned by their mother at a young age, Byleth was raised by their father, a highly skilled mercenary. From him, Byleth learned the art of combat and the value of honor and loyalty. However, their father died suddenly, and Byleth was left alone and unsure of what to do next. It was then that they were approached by Jeralt, a former apprentice of their father who had become a successful mercenary commander. Jeralt recognized Byleth's talents and took them under his wing, training them to become his right-hand and eventually passing down the leadership of the company to them. As the years went by, Byleth proved themselves to be an exceptional mercenary, earning respect and admiration from their fellow soldiers. However, they always felt a deep sense of emptiness inside, as if something was missing from their life. It wasn't until they were recruited into the Officer's Academy that they realized what they had been searching for: a sense of purpose beyond the battlefield. Through their experiences at the academy, Byleth learned about the importance of human connections and developed close relationships with their students, as well as a complicated romantic relationship with Edelgard.

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    170cm (67 inches)

    60kg (132lbs)



    Male/Female (player chooses)




    Mercenary and later Professor at the Officer's Academy

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