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Fire Emblem Heroes Veronica 1/7 Complete Figure

Fire Emblem Heroes Veronica 1/7 Complete Figure product
Fire Emblem Heroes Veronica 1/7 Complete Figure
Fire Emblem Heroes Veronica 1/7 Complete Figure
Fire Emblem Heroes Veronica 1/7 Complete Figure
Fire Emblem Heroes Veronica 1/7 Complete Figure
Fire Emblem Heroes Veronica 1/7 Complete Figure

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    Sculptor: Akane Jouge (knead) Paintwork: Shoushin Murakawa (knead) "There is no escaping the fate of Askr and Embla, it seems." From the Fire Emblem series comes the next figure in a series of figures made by the developer of the series, INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS! From the smartphone app "Fire Emblem Heroes" (iOS/Android) comes a 1/7 scale figure of Princess Veronica of the Emblian Empire! Veronica's powerful appearance, imbued with the magic of the legendary dragon Embla, has been captured in figure form. Forced into an unwanted battle with the Kingdom of Askr, Veronica's complicated emotions as she stands on the battlefield have been faithfully captured in incredible detail. Veronica's royal grace, complex emotions locked within and Embla's tremendous magic power have all been carefully combined in one truly stunning figure. Be sure to add her to your collection!

    Veronica is a fictional character from the popular anime game, Fire Emblem Heroes. She is known for her stunning physical appearance, which is reflected in her 1/7 complete figure. Veronica is a beautiful young woman with long, silver hair that cascades down her back in soft, flowing waves. Her striking blue eyes are set in a gently rounded face, with high, defined cheekbones and a delicate nose. She exudes a regal bearing with a slender, athletic build, and long, graceful limbs. Her signature outfit consists of a purple and gold princess gown adorned with intricate beading, long white gloves, and a red cape that trails behind her.

    Veronica's story begins as a princess from the magical kingdom of Embla. However, her world is turned upside down when her once-kind father, Embla's king, falls ill and is replaced by a corrupt, power-hungry sorcerer. Veronica is thrust into a leadership role she never desired and, in her desperation to save her father, she unleashes a dark magic that threatens the very fabric of her world. Despite her initial antagonism towards the game's protagonists, Veronica's character grows throughout the story, revealing her inner strength and determination to protect the people she cares for. As the story progresses, Veronica struggles to come to terms with her true identity and the responsibilities that come with it. She learns to control her powers, and ultimately, makes the impossible choice to betray her family in order to save her people.

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    165 cm (65 inches)

    48 kg (106 lbs)







    Princess/Dark mage

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