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Frame Arms Girl Laetitia <Ryuubi> Plastic Model

Frame Arms Girl Laetitia <Ryuubi> Plastic Model product
Frame Arms Girl Laetitia <Ryuubi> Plastic Model
Frame Arms Girl Laetitia <Ryuubi> Plastic Model
Frame Arms Girl Laetitia <Ryuubi> Plastic Model
Frame Arms Girl Laetitia <Ryuubi> Plastic Model
Frame Arms Girl Laetitia <Ryuubi> Plastic Model

Minimum: 4780 ¥

Average: 7323 ¥

Max: 12680 ¥

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NEOKYO5659 ¥
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NINOMA5425 ¥
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AMIAMI4780 ¥
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Yasutomo Shimizu, Katsuhiko Hori, Yoshihiro Nishimaru Frame Arms designer: Takayuki Yanase Frame Arms Girl designer: Humikane Shimada Product features: -The mold colors has been cohered to be metallic red and gold. New mold color is used for "Laetitia" parts. -The figure can recreate different situation with various weapon parts by assembling parts in different combinations. -The Ryuusougu <Ryuubi> can combine with the separately sold "Hresvelgr=Rufus <Agito>" to form the Guardian Dragon Form "Drago Mode". The <Ryuubi> set will mainly be the dragon arms and tail part. -The Frame parts which can form into the body part of "Drago Mode" are applied the "HEXA G-R.A.M System" and therefore are interchangeable with HEXA Gear series parts. -The blade part of Chouryuutou (Dragon Glaive) is movable. The handle part can be folded to recreate storage form. -The blade part of Souryuga (Twin Fang) is attached with ball joint and therefore it can be changed to different appearance. -There are 3 types of pre-painted facial expression parts included: "Front-ward smile face with Yaeba (crooked teeth)", "Leftward face with tongue out", and "Rightward smiling face". -Bangs part is selectable between "Left side-parted bangs" and "Left side-parted bangs with joint" 2 types. The set also includes the same "bangs" of Innocentia. -For rear hair part the set includes "Ponytail", "Single bun" and "Short hair" which is same of Innocentia's part. -The "Side bun hair" and "Side pigtails" are compatible with the "bangs" part which is same of Innocentia's only, while not compatible with the "Left side-parted bangs" and "Left side-parted bangs with joint" parts. -Besides the set provides various ear parts for choice such as "Cat ears", "Mechanical cat ears", "Mechanical fox ears", "Mechanical standing dog ears", "Mechanical drop dog ears", and "Mechanical accessory". -In addition to the existing 5 types of hand parts, 6 new types of hand parts are further added including "Hands making heart shape", "Thumbs up", "Peace sign", "Pointing finger", "Gun supporting hand". -For the neck felt there are "Cuffs wit ribbon", "Armored" and "Unarmed" 3 types of parts included. -The "Plain body arms, legs" and "Materia arms, legs" are included. -A neck part in normal length and a neck part in longer length for wearing doll clothes are included. -Also the set includes 2 types of leg parts which are normal leg parts and leg parts which are compatible with doll shoes. -Decals for eyes and other decoration are included. -The 3mm attachment holes are compatible with the weapon parts of existing M.S.G. series and Frame Arms series.

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