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KonoSuba Wiz 1/7 Complete Figure

KonoSuba Wiz 1/7 Complete Figure product
KonoSuba Wiz 1/7 Complete Figure
KonoSuba Wiz 1/7 Complete Figure
KonoSuba Wiz 1/7 Complete Figure
KonoSuba Wiz 1/7 Complete Figure
KonoSuba Wiz 1/7 Complete Figure

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Max: 22792 ¥

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    KonoSuba Wiz 1/7 Complete Figure
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  • Description

    Wiz, the fictional anime character from KonoSuba, is a beautiful sorceress whose appearance is quite charming. She has sleek black hair that cascades down her back in waves, with a fringed bang that frames her flawless face. Her eyes are a mesmerizing shade of purple, which adds to her allure. Wiz is often seen dressed in a long, deep purple robe that drapes over her shoulders elegantly, with a golden clasp that fastens at the neck. Her outfit comprises of various accessories fitting for her status as a powerful sorceress.

    Despite her beguiling demeanor, Wiz carries a tragic story. She was once the daughter of the king of the Demon King Army and was forcefully turned into a lich by her own father. Unable to cope with her new monstrous form, she isolated herself and spent centuries in loneliness, growing bitter and quietly resentful of humans. However, as the story progresses, she is often shown to be a compassionate and caring individual. She takes up a position as a shopkeeper in Axel, the main city of the show's world, and often helps the protagonist Kazuma and his party with her immense knowledge of magic.

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    165 cm (5'5")

    47 kg (103 lbs)







    Shopkeeper and sorceress.

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