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LookUp Bluelock Hyouma Chigiri Complete Figure

LookUp Bluelock Hyouma Chigiri Complete Figure product
LookUp Bluelock Hyouma Chigiri Complete Figure
LookUp Bluelock Hyouma Chigiri Complete Figure
LookUp Bluelock Hyouma Chigiri Complete Figure
LookUp Bluelock Hyouma Chigiri Complete Figure
LookUp Bluelock Hyouma Chigiri Complete Figure

Min: 3109 ¥

Avg: 4400 ¥

Max: 7426 ¥

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  • Character
    Hyouma Chigiri
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3672 ¥
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3511 ¥
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3610 ¥
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4180 ¥
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3496 ¥
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7297 ¥


3109 ¥
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7426 ¥
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3302 ¥
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  • Description

    "LookUp" is an adorable figure series specially designed with the character looking up at you. The "Looking up & Sitting pose" used makes these figures catch the eye more than other figure when displayed on places like a desk. Also the neck is articulated so you can enjoy adjusting the head to change the nuance of the facial expression. At approx. 11cm tall this figure has a voluminous atmosphere. Further immerse yourself in the world of the series by displaying it alongside the matching figures of "Seishirou Nagi" (sold separately), "Yoichi Isagi" (sold separately), "Meguru Bachira" (sold separately).

    Hyouma Chigiri is a fictional anime character known for his unique physical appearance. He stands tall with a muscular build and has striking features that make him stand out from the crowd. With his messy silver hair that falls in wild locks around his chiseled face, he has a brooding look that adds to his mysterious persona. He has sharp blue eyes that glitter with an intensity that can draw people in or scare them away. His strong jawline, prominent cheekbones, and straight nose make him look like someone who is not to be underestimated. Overall, his appearance radiates a powerful aura that commands attention.

    Born into a family of powerful ninja warriors, Hyouma Chigiri's life was centered around training in the art of combat from an early age. He was a prodigy when it came to mastering the techniques of his clan and was quickly recognized as one of their best. However, as he grew older, Hyouma started to question the path that his family had chosen for him, and he began to question the rigid rules that governed his life. He found himself drawn to the world beyond his clan's walls, and he started to explore his interests in literature, music, and art. This led to conflicts with his family, who saw him as betraying their traditions. Eventually, Hyouma left his clan and struck out on his own, determined to forge a new path for himself. He spent years traveling the world, honing his skills, and meeting new people before he found his place in a group of adventurers who shared his love of exploration and discovery. With them by his side, he continues to push himself to new heights and seek out new challenges.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    182 cm (71.65 inches)

    81 kg (178.57 lb)








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