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LookUp Haikyuu!! Shoyo Hinata Complete Figure

LookUp Haikyuu!! Shoyo Hinata Complete Figure product
LookUp Haikyuu!! Shoyo Hinata Complete Figure
LookUp Haikyuu!! Shoyo Hinata Complete Figure
LookUp Haikyuu!! Shoyo Hinata Complete Figure
LookUp Haikyuu!! Shoyo Hinata Complete Figure
LookUp Haikyuu!! Shoyo Hinata Complete Figure

Min: 1520 ¥

Avg: 3478 ¥

Max: 4841 ¥

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    Shoyo Hinata
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  • Description

    "LookUp" is an adorable figure series specially designed with the character looking up at you. The "Looking up & Sitting pose" used makes these figures catch the eye more than other figure when displayed on places like a desk. Also the neck is articulated so you can enjoy adjusting the head to change the nuance of the facial expression. At approx. 110mm tall this figure has a voluminous atmosphere. Set figures of this series as decoration in your room and you can enjoy the presence of the character as if they are really there!

    Shoyo Hinata is a fictional character from the anime Haikyuu!! who has gained immense popularity among fans due to his charm and determination. Hinata stands at an average height, sporting a lean and athletic physique with bright orange hair and vivid brown eyes. He often wears his school uniform or his sports attire, depending on whether he is attending class or practising volleyballs.

    Shoyo Hinata's story is that of an underdog who strives to break all stereotypes and emerge victorious in the game of volleyball. Initially, Hinata is a part of a weak and inexperienced volleyball team at his middle school, but he refuses to let that stop him from pursuing his dreams. Despite lacking height, he has remarkable jumping abilities and quickly earns a reputation for his speed and agility. After being inspired by a national volleyball tournament, Hinata decides to join Karasuno High School, one of the best teams in the region. However, his dreams are shattered when he finds out that his rival from middle school, Tobio Kageyama, is already a part of the team. After an intense showdown between the two, they realise that they need to work together to achieve their shared goal of winning nationals. Hinata's indomitable spirit and unwavering determination steer him towards greatness, and he becomes a valuable player for the team, inspiring them all to perform better.

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    164cm (64.57 inches)

    53kg (116.84 lbs)







    High School Volleyball Player

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