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LookUp ONE PIECE Trafalgar Law Complete Figure

LookUp ONE PIECE Trafalgar Law Complete Figure product
LookUp ONE PIECE Trafalgar Law Complete Figure
LookUp ONE PIECE Trafalgar Law Complete Figure
LookUp ONE PIECE Trafalgar Law Complete Figure
LookUp ONE PIECE Trafalgar Law Complete Figure
LookUp ONE PIECE Trafalgar Law Complete Figure

Min: 2702 ¥

Avg: 3950 ¥

Max: 8116 ¥

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    Trafalgar Law
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  • Description

    "LookUp" is an adorable figure series specially designed with the character looking up at you. The "Looking up & Sitting pose" used makes these figures catch the eye more than other figure when displayed on places like a desk. Also the neck is articulated so you can enjoy adjusting the head to change the nuance of the facial expression. At approx. 110mm tall this figure has a voluminous atmosphere. Set figures of this series as decoration in your room and you can enjoy the presence of the character as if they are really there!

    Trafalgar Law is a fictional character from the popular anime series "One Piece." He can be recognized by his distinctive design that features a heart-shaped motif on his coat and hat. He is a tall, lean man with medium-length black hair that is slicked back and a faint smile that is always present on his face. He has a tattoo of a giant yellow smiley face on his left hand which he uses for his devil fruit powers. His piercing yellow eyes add to his intimidating aura, as does his calm demeanor.

    The story of Trafalgar Law is that he was once a pirate who went by the name of the 'Surgeon of Death.' He is a master of medical procedures and is known for his devil fruit power, the 'Ope Ope no Mi.' This power allows him to create an invisible force field that he can manipulate at will and to perform medical feats that would be impossible for a normal human. He is also famous for being one of the Shichibukai, a group of seven powerful pirates who have allied themselves with the World Government. Law's backstory is tragic, having lost his parents in the war-torn country of Flevance due to a contagious disease known as Amber Lead Syndrome. Determined to save his younger sister, who was also infected, he took up medicine and pursued his goal of finding a cure. After acquiring the Ope Ope no Mi, he betrays his fellow pirates and allies himself with the Straw Hat Pirates, the show's main protagonists, to bring down Donquixote Doflamingo, a powerful antagonist and previous member of the Shichibukai.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    191 cm (75.2 inches)

    Unknown (Unknown)







    Former Pirate, Doctor, Member of the Shichibukai, Ally of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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