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LOVE & CHEER Aina Aizawa 1/6 Complete Figure

LOVE & CHEER Aina Aizawa 1/6 Complete Figure product
LOVE & CHEER Aina Aizawa 1/6 Complete Figure
LOVE & CHEER Aina Aizawa 1/6 Complete Figure
LOVE & CHEER Aina Aizawa 1/6 Complete Figure
LOVE & CHEER Aina Aizawa 1/6 Complete Figure
LOVE & CHEER Aina Aizawa 1/6 Complete Figure

Min: 16589 ¥

Avg: 19625 ¥

Max: 26063 ¥

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  • Character
    Aina Aizawa
  • Brand
    LOVE & CHEER Aina Aizawa 1/6 Complete Figure
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17500 ¥
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18810 ¥
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26063 ¥
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18500 ¥
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20038 ¥
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16589 ¥
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19879 ¥
  • Description

    *Please cast-off at your own risk. Parts may be damaged during removal. *Please only remove parts at your own risk. Sculptor: Ichika Suikagahara

    Aina Aizawa is a fictional anime character known for her vibrant and cheerful personality. She has striking blue eyes that sparkle with energy and are complemented by her short, bright pink hair that frames her heart-shaped face. Aina's infectious smile lights up any room she is in, and her slim physique enhances her agility and flexibility as a dancer. Her signature outfit consists of a pink and white cheerleading costume adorned with glittering gems and a tailored skirt that flatters her figure. Overall, Aina's physical appearance boasts a youthful and energetic vibe, reflecting her hopeful and positive attitude towards life.

    Aina Aizawa's story begins at the prestigious Paradise High School, where she is a cheerleader and one of the most popular students on campus. Despite her fame, Aina's true passion lies in dance, and she has been training for years to become a professional dancer. However, her dreams are threatened when she injures her ankle during a performance and is forced to take a break from dancing. Struggling with her newfound limitations, Aina decides to put all her efforts into cheerleading, hoping to help her team win the national championship. Along the way, she bonds with her teammates, overcomes her fears, and discovers the true meaning of friendship and perseverance. Despite the setbacks, Aina never loses her upbeat and optimistic spirit, inspiring her friends and fans to keep striving towards their goals.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    158 cm (62.2 inches)

    47 kg (103.6 lb)






    82-56-83 cm


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