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My Hero Academia Mirko 1/4 Complete Figure

My Hero Academia Mirko 1/4 Complete Figure product
My Hero Academia Mirko 1/4 Complete Figure
My Hero Academia Mirko 1/4 Complete Figure
My Hero Academia Mirko 1/4 Complete Figure
My Hero Academia Mirko 1/4 Complete Figure
My Hero Academia Mirko 1/4 Complete Figure

Min: 44000 ¥

Avg: 48917 ¥

Max: 53966 ¥

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    Paintwork: myu Planning/Production: FREEing Presenting a large 1/4 scale figure of Mirko! From the popular anime series "My Hero Academia" comes a 1/4 scale figure of the current No. 5 professional hero on the Hero Billboard Chart JP, Mirko! Mirko's tan complexion, rabbit ears and outstandingly strong muscles that provide her great kicking and jumping power have been faithfully capture in figure form. The intensity of Mirko's pose as she stands on one leg right before delivering a devastating kick finish is overwhelming in 1/4 scale size. Be sure to add this 45.2cm large-scale figure to your collection!

    Mirk is a fictional anime character from the popular series My Hero Academia. She is a stunningly beautiful woman with the features of a rabbit, including tall pointed ears and a fluffy tail. Her hair is a vibrant shade of pink that adds to her youthful appearance. Mirk has a lean and toned physique with long legs and a curvaceous figure that draws the attention of both friends and enemies. Her combat attire consists of a tight-fitting white bodysuit and a red sleeveless jacket with black stripes. Mirk's almond-shaped eyes are always alert and scanning her surroundings, reflecting her keen vigilance towards her enemies.

    Mirk is a pro-hero in the My Hero Academia universe, with the hero name 'Rabbit Hero: Mirko'. She is known for her courage, strength, and unflinching determination to take on any villain. Despite her beautiful appearance, she is undoubtedly one of the most ferocious and skilled fighters in the world of My Hero Academia. Mirk's quirk, called "Rabbit", gives her superhuman leg strength and agility, enabling her to perform lightning-fast kicks, jumps, and acrobatic movements. She is a member of the 'Raid Team', a special unit assigned to take on high-risk missions that other heroes cannot handle. Mirk's personality is that of a confident and powerful woman who loves to take risks and get into the fray. She has a fierce rivalry with the villain Tomura Shigaraki, and they both share a deep-seated desire to defeat each other. Mirk is a true fighter, someone who never backs down from a challenge and always gives her utmost to protect the people she cares about.

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    170 cm (67 inches)

    56 kg (123 lbs)






    87-57-85 cm


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