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My Hero Academia Yurayura Head Izuku Midoriya

My Hero Academia Yurayura Head Izuku Midoriya product
My Hero Academia Yurayura Head Izuku Midoriya
My Hero Academia Yurayura Head Izuku Midoriya
My Hero Academia Yurayura Head Izuku Midoriya

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    Izuku Midoriy
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4386 ¥
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  • Description

    Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, is a fictional anime character from the popular series My Hero Academia. He is a young boy with green hair that stands up in a messy style, with big round eyes and freckles on his cheeks. Izuku's most distinctive feature is the scar above his right eye, which he got from an accident in his childhood. He wears a green and white hero suit with a red belt, gloves, and boots, with the initials "D" and "M" on his chest and a big white stripe across his stomach. Being a Nendoroid figurine, his appearance is exaggerated, featuring oversized limbs, head, and eyes that perfectly capture his naive and pure-hearted personality.

    Izuku's story is that of an underdog trying to become a hero in a world where 80% of the population has superpowers. Born without powers, he grew up admiring the legendary hero All Might and dreaming of becoming a hero like him. His chance of fulfilling his dream comes when All Might decides to pass on his power to Izuku, making him the ninth wielder of the One For All quirk, a power that amplifies his physical abilities a thousandfold. This newfound power becomes both a blessing and a curse for Izuku, as he struggles to control it and keep up with his classmates in the prestigious U.A. High School. Along his journey, he discovers the harsh reality of heroism and the price that comes with it. However, his unwavering determination and selflessness make him stand out among his peers and earn the respect of both friends and foes.

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    166 cm (5'5")

    63 kg (138.9 lb)







    High School Student, Hero in training.

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