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Nendoroid Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright

Nendoroid Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright product
Nendoroid Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright
Nendoroid Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright
Nendoroid Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright
Nendoroid Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright
Nendoroid Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright

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    Phoenix Wright
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Shichibee Cooperation: Nendoron "Objection! This is clearly a contradiction!" From the popular courtroom battle game series "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" comes a Nendoroid of Phoenix Wright! He comes with three face plates including a standard expression, an confident expression and a sweating expression. Optional parts include his courtroom desk, a court document, his Magatama, and a Psyche-Lock effect sheet along with "Objection!", "Hold it!" and "Take that!" text plates in English, Japanese and simplified Chinese (total of 9 text plates). The body of the Nendoroid is fully articulated, making it easy to create memorable poses from the series in Nendoroid form! Be sure to add him to your collection!

    Phoenix Wright, also known as Nendoroid Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright, is a fictional anime character that has a distinct physical appearance. He has short, spiky brown hair that is parted on the left side, and a small hair tuft on his forehead. His thick eyebrows and big blue eyes give him an intense and determined look. Phoenix is often seen wearing a blue suit vest over a white dress shirt and a red tie. He also wears black trousers, brown shoes, and a small silver attorney badge on his lapel. Phoenix Wright's appearance represents a typical lawyer, a serious and sophisticated individual who is ever-ready to take on any case that comes his way.

    Phoenix Wright is known for his incredible ability to win seemingly unwinnable cases. He is a defense attorney who takes on cases that others deem hopeless, and he fights tirelessly to prove his clients' innocence. Phoenix's journey to becoming a lawyer started when he met his mentor, Mia Fey, who taught him the ropes and helped him become the lawyer he is today. Phoenix handles cases with unwavering determination and logic, with the ultimate goal of uncovering the truth and bringing justice to his clients. Phoenix Wright's journey to the top was not an easy one, but his resilience and determination are what have made him the lawyer he is today. His unrelenting drive, coupled with sharp instincts and impressive reasoning skills, make him one of the most prominent attorneys in his field. Phoenix's victory in the courtroom makes him feel like he has a sense of purpose, and he goes to great lengths to ensure he delivers on this, making him one of the most beloved anime characters of all time.

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    170 cm (66.92 inches)

    64 kg (141.09 lb)







    Defense attorney.

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