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Nendoroid Apex Legends Octane

Nendoroid Apex Legends Octane product
Nendoroid Apex Legends Octane
Nendoroid Apex Legends Octane
Nendoroid Apex Legends Octane
Nendoroid Apex Legends Octane
Nendoroid Apex Legends Octane

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  • Description

    Sculptor: POLY-TOYS Cooperation: Nendoron "I got the need for speed." To the Nendoroid series comes the High-Speed Daredevil Octane! Face plates: Masked face Optional parts: R301 Selfie stick and more!

    Octan, or Nendoroid Apex Legends Octane, is a fictional anime character known for his incredible speed and agility. With sharp green eyes, spiked blonde hair, and a chiseled physique, Octan is a striking figure in any crowd. His outfit consists of a sleek black jumpsuit with neon green accents and a full-face tactical helmet that helps him integrate with his advanced prosthetic legs.

    Born as Octavio Silva, Octan was once a reckless daredevil who chased adrenaline rushes and dangerous stunts. However, after a catastrophic accident that cost him his legs, Octan was introduced to the world of prosthetics technology. Through a series of surgeries, he received a new set of fully-functional robotic legs that not only gave him the ability to walk again but also enhanced his athletic abilities. With his newfound talents, Octan set his sights on becoming the most fearless competitor in the Apex Games. As a professional gamer, Octan is an expert in speed and agility. He relies on his prosthetic legs to carry him through intense battles and hair-raising obstacles. Though his recklessness sometimes puts him in danger, his incredible skill and daring moves have won him the hearts of many fans. Outside the arena, Octan is a thrill-seeker who enjoys extreme sports such as skydiving and base jumping. Despite his outward confidence, however, he remains haunted by his past and the accident that led him to his current state.

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    175 cm (68.9 inches)

    75 kg (165.3 lb)







    Professional Gamer and Extreme Sports Enthusiast.

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