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Nendoroid Arknights Saga

Nendoroid Arknights Saga product
Nendoroid Arknights Saga
Nendoroid Arknights Saga
Nendoroid Arknights Saga
Nendoroid Arknights Saga
Nendoroid Arknights Saga

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  • Description

    Sculptor: TuZi Cooperation: Nendoron "My name is Saga." From the popular smartphone game "Arknights" comes a Nendoroid of the wandering monk Saga! She comes with three interchangeable face plates including a standard face, an excited face and a meditative face free from desire that is seen while she is purifying the six roots of perception. Optional parts include her naginata, a bowl, Natto gohan and a pair of chopsticks. Enjoy creating scenes from the game in Nendoroid form! Be sure to add Saga to your collection!

    Saga is a character who has a very striking and memorable physical appearance. One of the most striking features of this fictional anime character is his tall height, which makes him stand out amongst other characters. He has long, flowing hair that is a deep blue color, which perfectly complements his piercing blue eyes. His sharp features are defined by his chiseled jawline and pointed nose, making him look both strong and elegant at the same time. Saga's outfit is equally impressive, consisting of a flowing red cape and intricate golden armor encasing his chest, which is adorned with glowing gems.

    The story of Saga is an intriguing one. He is a character known for having a dual personality, one side of him is calm and collected, while the other is cruel and ruthless. His origins are steeped in tragedy and betrayal, which has led him down a dark path. Despite this, Saga is portrayed as a complex and layered character, and his motivations and actions are never straightforward. He is constantly struggling with his conflicting desires, and his inner turmoil only adds to his mystique. Saga is a powerful fighter who has mastered the use of his twin swords and has a vast range of skills at his disposal. His character arc is one of redemption and growth, and he is one of the most fascinating characters in anime history.

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    183cm (72in)

    80kg (176lbs)








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