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Nendoroid Bubble Uta

Nendoroid Bubble Uta product
Nendoroid Bubble Uta
Nendoroid Bubble Uta
Nendoroid Bubble Uta
Nendoroid Bubble Uta
Nendoroid Bubble Uta

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  • Description

    Sculptor: Shichibee (Matsuda Model) Cooperation: Nendoron "Because I met Hibiki, I could become myself." From the movie "Bubble" comes a Nendoroid of Uta! She comes with three face plates including a standard face with a cute smile, an innocent smiling face and an lovable eating face. Optional parts include her Little Mermaid picture book, her seashell necklace and a piece of toast, allowing you to create all kinds of scenes from the movie in Nendoroid form! Be sure to add this adorable Nendoroid of Uta to your collection!

    Uta is a fascinating character from the anime series Tokyo Ghoul. As the owner of the "HySy ArtMask Studio," Uta is a mask-maker in the Tokyo Ghoul universe. He is known for his intricate and detailed work, and his unusual appearance. Uta has long, spiky, and multi-colored hair that he often wears in a ponytail. His most striking feature is his facial tattoos, which consist of a star under his right eye and a crescent moon under his left eye. Uta's outfits are always unique and stylish, and he often wears a long black coat over his attire.

    Despite his cryptic nature, which at times makes it hard to decode his intentions, Uta has a compelling backstory. He was born into a tribe of cannibalistic ghouls that were eventually eradicated by humans. As one of the only survivors of his tribe, Uta became involved in the ghoul underground scene in Tokyo, where he met fellow gang member Renji Yomo. Together, they formed the "Clown" gang, a group of ghouls who enjoy creating chaos and havoc in their wake. While Uta's jovial and carefree attitude might seem out of place for such a ruthless gang, he's only playing the role of the jester, masking his true intentions.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation

    Multi-colored (black, pink, blue)

    171cm (67.3 inches)

    62kg (136.7lb)







    Mask-maker and member of the "Clown" gang.

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