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Nendoroid Doll Attack on Titan Outfit Set Erwin Smith

Nendoroid Doll Attack on Titan Outfit Set Erwin Smith product
Nendoroid Doll Attack on Titan Outfit Set Erwin Smith
Nendoroid Doll Attack on Titan Outfit Set Erwin Smith
Nendoroid Doll Attack on Titan Outfit Set Erwin Smith

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    Erwin Smith
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    Good Smile Company
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Shichibee (Matsuda model), SELECT D Cooperation: Sawada Koubou, Nendoron Outfit/Pattern Design: Mieko Akimoto An outfit set of the outfit included with Nendoroid Doll Erwin Smith! *Please note that the actual figure and torso display are not included with this product. *All items included with Nendoroid Doll Outfit Set: Erwin Smith are also included with Nendoroid Doll Erwin Smith. *Displaying clothing on a doll for an extended period of time may result in color transfer to the doll body. *May not be compatible with certain Nendoroid Dolls.

    Erwin Smith is a fictional character that first appeared in the popular anime series Attack on Titan. Erwin Smith is a tall and muscular character with short blond hair styled with bangs brushed to the left side of his face. His eyebrows are consistently drawn together, giving him a stern and serious appearance, which is consistent with his role as commander of the Scout Regiment in Attack on Titan. He wears a white shirt, black trousers, and a green cloak, but what stands out as his signature look is his round spectacles, which he wears almost all of the time. His overall appearance is that of a rugged and experienced leader, which makes him a fan favorite among Attack on Titan's hardcore enthusiasts.

    Erwin Smith was considered one of the most skilled and experienced soldiers of the Scout Regiment, the military branch responsible for exploring beyond the walls in search of Titan secrets. He's known for his strategic mind and fearless leadership, often taking risks to protect his comrades, even if it means sacrificing himself in the process. He leads the Scouts in their battles against Titans and ultimately aims to uncover the truth about why humans are being threatened by these monsters. He is a man of few words, but when he speaks, it's with conviction and purpose. His background story involves a traumatic event from his childhood that fuels his passion for discovering the truth about Titans, which is further explored later in the series. Erwin Smith's character is complex and multifaceted, making him a fascinating and compelling character in Attack on Titan.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    188 cm (74.01 inches)

    90 kg (198.42 lb)







    Commander of the Scout Regiment

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