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Nendoroid Doll Kigurumi Pajamas Cinnamoroll

Nendoroid Doll Kigurumi Pajamas Cinnamoroll product
Nendoroid Doll Kigurumi Pajamas Cinnamoroll
Nendoroid Doll Kigurumi Pajamas Cinnamoroll
Nendoroid Doll Kigurumi Pajamas Cinnamoroll

Min: 2677 ¥

Avg: 2916 ¥

Max: 3060 ¥

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    Good Smile Company
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3060 ¥
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3011 ¥
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2677 ¥
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  • Description

    Cooperation: Rico* (vanilatte), Sawada Koubou, Nendoron Presenting cute kigurumi pajamas inspired by Cinnamoroll! Presenting kigurumi pajamas for your Nendoroid Dolls inspired by Cinnamoroll! Mix and match with your Nendoroid Dolls! *Displaying clothing on a doll for an extended period of time may result in color transfer to the doll body. *May not be compatible with certain Nendoroid Dolls.

    Cinnamon is a fictional anime character that has captured the hearts of many. She is known for her striking appearance that is hard to ignore. Cinnamon has a slender build that stands at an average height, and she has a shapely figure that accentuates her curves. Her hair is a vibrant shade of brown that cascades down her back in luscious waves. Her eyes are a deep shade of amber, which complements her skin tone. Cinnamon's smile is contagious, and it is one of the many things that make her stand out from the crowd.

    Cinnamon's story is one of trials and tribulations. She was born into a world of chaos where she had to fend for herself from a young age. Despite her challenging upbringing, Cinnamon was determined to make something of her life. She worked hard and never gave up, which led her to become a successful entrepreneur. Cinnamon's biggest challenge came when she had to face her past and confront her demons. She realized that her success came from her resilience and determination, traits that she learned from her past. Cinnamon's story inspires many, and it teaches us that we can overcome any obstacle if we put our minds to it.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    165 cm (64.96 inches)

    54 kg (119 lbs)






    85-60-88 cm


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