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Nendoroid Doll Kigurumi Pajamas Hello Kitty

Nendoroid Doll Kigurumi Pajamas Hello Kitty product
Nendoroid Doll Kigurumi Pajamas Hello Kitty
Nendoroid Doll Kigurumi Pajamas Hello Kitty
Nendoroid Doll Kigurumi Pajamas Hello Kitty

Min: 2677 ¥

Avg: 2916 ¥

Max: 3060 ¥

  • Release date
  • Product Jancode
  • Character
    Kitty Whit
  • Brand
    Good Smile Company
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3060 ¥
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3011 ¥
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2677 ¥
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  • Description

    Cooperation: Rico* (vanilatte), Sawada Koubou, Nendoron Presenting cute kigurumi pajamas inspired by Hello Kitty! Presenting kigurumi pajamas for your Nendoroid Dolls inspired by Hello Kitty! Mix and match with your Nendoroid Dolls! *Displaying clothing on a doll for an extended period of time may result in color transfer to the doll body. *May not be compatible with certain Nendoroid Dolls.

    Kitty Whit is a fictional anime character known for her distinctive appearance and cute demeanor. She stands at a petite height, with a slender frame and delicate features. Her long, flowing hair is a bright shade of pink, which she often ties up in twin ponytails with white ribbons. Her outfit is typically a classic sailor fuku uniform, with a white top, blue skirt, and red bow tie. On her head, she wears a pair of cat ears with a contrasting white and pink design. With her large, expressive eyes and adorable expressions, Kitty Whit is a beloved character among anime fans.

    Kitty Whit's story begins in a magical world where humans and anthropomorphic animals coexist. She was born as a cat-human hybrid, with the ability to communicate with both her species. Growing up, she always dreamed of becoming a famous musician but lacked the confidence to pursue her passion. Instead, she dedicated herself to helping others and spent much of her time volunteering at animal shelters and other charities. One day, she received an invitation to audition for a popular idol group called "Kitty & Friends." Despite her insecurities, Kitty Whit decided to take a chance and showcase her singing and dancing skills. To her surprise, she was chosen as one of the members and began a whirlwind journey to stardom. Along the way, she faced numerous challenges, from rigorous training sessions to intense media scrutiny. But with the support of her loyal fans and fellow Kitty & Friends members, she was able to overcome each obstacle and rise to the top of the music industry.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    145cm (57 inches)

    40kg (88 lbs)







    Singer and Dancer.

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