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Nendoroid Dr. STONE Ryusui Nanami

Nendoroid Dr. STONE Ryusui Nanami product
Nendoroid Dr. STONE Ryusui Nanami
Nendoroid Dr. STONE Ryusui Nanami
Nendoroid Dr. STONE Ryusui Nanami

Min: 5441 ¥

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Max: 7880 ¥

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    Ryusui Nanami
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Shichibee (Matsuda Model) Cooperation: Nendoron Desire = Justice!! From the anime series "Dr. STONE" comes a Nendoroid of Ryusui Nanami, the excellent navigator and leader known as the world's most covetous man! Face plates: Smiling face Cheerful face Serious face Optional parts: Earthenware glass Pile of Drago currency Other optional parts for different poses.

    Ryusui Nanami is a fictional anime character appearing in the popular manga series "Dr. STONE" and its anime adaptation. He is a young man with a muscular build and a tall, impressive stature. Ryusui has well-groomed short, spiky blond hair, with a prominent cowlick at the center of his forehead. He has dark, alluring eyes that are often accentuated by his stylish glasses. Additionally, he wears a sophisticated outfit consisting of a white business shirt, black trousers, and pink coat with golden buttons. Ryusui is often seen carrying a signature champagne bottle in his hand, representing his affluent background and love for luxury.

    Ryusui Nanami is introduced as a shrewd businessman and skilled entrepreneur, who became an instant fan-favorite due to his charismatic personality and impressive abilities. He is the owner of the Perseus Trading Company, which specializes in acquiring and trading valuable goods across the world. Ryusui is a master negotiator and a brilliant tactician, boasting not only extensive business acumen but also exceptional combat skills. He is depicted as a gun enthusiast, wielding a concealed revolver with deadly accuracy. Despite his intimidating exterior, Ryusui has a heart of gold, demonstrated by his unwavering loyalty to his friends and remarkable generosity to those in need. Ryusui is a valuable member of the "Kingdom of Science," an alliance fighting to rebuild society after a worldwide pandemic turned all of humanity into stone.

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    192 cm (75.59 inches)

    86 kg (190 lb)






    Not Applicable

    Businessman and Gun Enthusiast.

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