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Nendoroid Dropkick on My Devil Jashin-chan

Nendoroid Dropkick on My Devil Jashin-chan product
Nendoroid Dropkick on My Devil Jashin-chan
Nendoroid Dropkick on My Devil Jashin-chan
Nendoroid Dropkick on My Devil Jashin-chan
Nendoroid Dropkick on My Devil Jashin-chan
Nendoroid Dropkick on My Devil Jashin-chan

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Max: 9373 ¥

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  • Description

    Sculptor: Kazuyoshi Udono Cooperation: Nendoron "Take this! My deadly Jashin-chan Dropkick!" From the anime "Dropkick on my Devil!" comes a rerelease of the Nendoroid of the vulgar-yet-cute demon from hell, Jashin-chan! She comes with three face plates, including an embarrassed laugh expression, a dumbfounded expression as well as a devil expression! Optional parts include her rice bowl and coin purse, as well as an interchangeable lower half part and a blood spurt effect part, which you can use to make it look like her tail was cut off! Also included is a dropkick tail part, which she uses to perform her deadly dropkick techinique! Be sure to add the demon trying to find her way back to hell, Jashin-chan, to your collection!

    Jashin-chan is a fictional anime character with a unique and recognizable appearance. Her body is small in size, and she has pink fur covering her entire body. She has a small face with two big round bloodshot eyes and long, sharp fangs protruding from her mouth. Jashin-chan's ears are pointed, and she has a long bulky tail. She wears a black choker around her neck, and her outfit is composed of red and white colors. Additionally, she has black wings that help her fly.

    Jashin-chan's story revolves around her being summoned to Earth by a gothic lolita named Yurine Hanazono. Jashin-chan is a demon who is always plotting, scheming, and trying to kill Yurine. However, every one of her attempts fails, and she is unable to return to Hell. Jashin-chan is constantly causing trouble for Yurine, and the two characters engage in hilarious slapstick comedy, making the anime a fan favorite.

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    105 cm (41.34 inches)

    20 kg (44.09 lb)






    72-54-77 cm


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