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Nendoroid Empress [Black Rock Shooter] DAWN FALL Ver.

Nendoroid Empress [Black Rock Shooter] DAWN FALL Ver. product
Nendoroid Empress [Black Rock Shooter] DAWN FALL Ver.
Nendoroid Empress [Black Rock Shooter] DAWN FALL Ver.
Nendoroid Empress [Black Rock Shooter] DAWN FALL Ver.
Nendoroid Empress [Black Rock Shooter] DAWN FALL Ver.
Nendoroid Empress [Black Rock Shooter] DAWN FALL Ver.

Min: 3315 ¥

Avg: 5548 ¥

Max: 10213 ¥

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    Black Rock Shooter
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6160 ¥
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3315 ¥
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6380 ¥
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5613 ¥
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6488 ¥
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3980 ¥
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5436 ¥
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5857 ¥
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4633 ¥


4931 ¥
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10213 ¥
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3575 ¥
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Shinya Iguchi Cooperation: Nendoron "...Either we all die or we all survive. Which is better?" From the anime series "BLACK ROCK SHOOTER: DAWN FALL" comes a Nendoroid of Empress [Black Rock Shooter]! She comes with two face plates including an innocent standard face and an intense combat face. Optional parts include her handgun, her poncho and a blue flame effect part. She can also be posed with her Coil Gun* to create action-packed scenes in Nendoroid form. Be sure to add humanity's last hope, Black Rock Shooter, to your collection! *A Milight 316 Series LED (Released by: Hiromi Sangyo) can be installed into the coil gun to display it lit up.

    Black Rock Shooter is a popular fictional anime character with a unique and mesmerizing physical appearance. She is a young girl with long, blue hair that falls down to her ankles, and piercing blue eyes. Her outfit is mainly black and consists of a short leather jacket with two belts hanging from it, revealing her white top with a black cross on it. She also wears black shorts and knee-high boots, with a sharp-looking sword hanging from her waist. The most notable attribute of her appearance is her blazing blue flame, which emanates from her left eye, giving her an otherworldly presence that captivates anime enthusiasts.

    Black Rock Shooter's story is a complex one that involves an alternate universe where a parallel version of Earth exists, known as the "Otherworld." In that world, she is a mysterious warrior who wears the same outfit and wields the same sword as in this world. She battles to protect the land from a group of evil aliens, who use their powers to cause destruction and chaos. The story follows her struggles as she combats these malicious creatures, all while facing her inner demons, which stem from a traumatic incident from her past in this world. Eventually, she overcomes her fears and manages to save the Otherworld from the brink of destruction.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    164cm (64.5 inches)

    46kg (101.4lbs)






    B73 W54 H78

    Warrior in the Otherworld.

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