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Nendoroid Fushigi Yuugi Tamahome

Nendoroid Fushigi Yuugi Tamahome product
Nendoroid Fushigi Yuugi Tamahome
Nendoroid Fushigi Yuugi Tamahome
Nendoroid Fushigi Yuugi Tamahome
Nendoroid Fushigi Yuugi Tamahome
Nendoroid Fushigi Yuugi Tamahome

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  • Description

    Cooperation: Nendoron Tamahome of the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku is joining the Nendoroid series! From the anime series "Fushigi Yuugi" comes a Nendoroid of one of the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku, Tamahome! Face plates: Determined face Combat face Gentle smiling face Optional parts: Letter to Miaka Miaka's ribbon Other optional parts for different poses.

    Tamahome is an anime character from the popular fantasy series Fushigi Yuugi. He is depicted as a tall, muscular man with long, spiky hair that is half black and half white. Tamahome has a distinctive red tattoo on his forehead and wears a traditional Chinese outfit with a red scarf. He is a striking figure, with piercing blue eyes and a strong, confident demeanor.

    Tamahome's story is one of love, loyalty, and sacrifice. He is one of the seven celestial warriors who are destined to protect and serve the Priestess of Suzaku, the mythical bird god who grants wishes. Tamahome initially appears as a cold-hearted bandit, but he soon falls in love with the Priestess, Miaka. Despite their different worlds and responsibilities, Tamahome and Miaka cannot resist their feelings for each other, even as they face dangerous enemies and personal trials. Tamahome proves his devotion to Miaka repeatedly, risking his life to protect her and the other warriors. When his family betrays him and threatens Miaka's safety, Tamahome must choose between his duty to them and his love for Miaka. He ultimately sacrifices himself to save her and the others, leaving Miaka heartbroken and alone. Tamahome's love for Miaka is so powerful that it transcends death, however, and they are eventually reunited.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation

    Half black, half white

    186 cm (73 inches)

    80 kg (176 lb)







    Celestial warrior and bandit.

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