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Nendoroid Ganbare Douki-chan Douki-chan

Nendoroid Ganbare Douki-chan Douki-chan product
Nendoroid Ganbare Douki-chan Douki-chan
Nendoroid Ganbare Douki-chan Douki-chan
Nendoroid Ganbare Douki-chan Douki-chan
Nendoroid Ganbare Douki-chan Douki-chan
Nendoroid Ganbare Douki-chan Douki-chan

Min: 5461 ¥

Avg: 6023 ¥

Max: 7210 ¥

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6120 ¥
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6078 ¥
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7210 ¥


5461 ¥
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5649 ¥
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  • Description

    Sculpting/Paintwork: Nihei A long-awaited Nendoroid from Yom's popular series "Ganbare Doukichan"! Celebrating over 1 million followers on social media! From Yom's popular manga series "Ganbare Doukichan" comes a Nendoroid of Douki-chan! The stories and tights that Yom illustrate every week never cease to excite. Douki-chan's poses and comical expressions have been carefully captured in Nendoroid form. The prototype and paintwork samples were viewed and approved by Yom himself! Be sure to add Nendoroid Douki-chan to your collection!

    Ganabre Douki-chan, better known by her nickname Douki-chan, is a fictional anime character famous for her charming appearance and playful personality. She is a small, cute-looking girl with big, bright eyes that sparkle with mischief. Her hair is a vibrant shade of pink, which she likes to style in pigtails, giving her a youthful and innocent appearance. Douki-chan is often seen wearing a short skirt and a school uniform, which further enhances her youthful looks. Her bubbly and friendly demeanor makes her easily approachable, and her cute looks have made her a fan favorite among anime enthusiasts worldwide.

    Douki-chan's story revolves around her obsession with her senpai, a boy in her class whom she admires from afar. She is always looking for ways to get closer to him and make him notice her. Douki-chan is often seen trying out new gimmicks to impress her senpai or find excuses to spend time with him, much to the annoyance of his friends. Despite her persistent efforts, Douki-chan is always one step behind her senpai, who is seemingly oblivious to her feelings. However, Douki-chan's undeterred by this, and she continues to work hard in the hopes of winning her senpai's heart one day.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    154 cm (60.62 in)

    45 kg (99.21 lb)






    80-55-83 cm

    High school student

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