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Nendoroid Golden Kamuy Asirpa

Nendoroid Golden Kamuy Asirpa product
Nendoroid Golden Kamuy Asirpa
Nendoroid Golden Kamuy Asirpa
Nendoroid Golden Kamuy Asirpa
Nendoroid Golden Kamuy Asirpa
Nendoroid Golden Kamuy Asirpa

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    Sculptor: Shichibee (Matsuda Model) Cooperation: Nendoron "Hinna Hinna!" From the anime series "Golden Kamuy" comes a rerelease of the Nendoroid of the character that Sugimoto meets in the North, The Ainu girl Asirpa! She comes with a total of five face plates including an excited expression with shining eyes for when she eats, a blowing expression with sweat running down her face for when she eats hot food, a disgusted face for when she had curry placed in front of her, a sneering expression as well as a more serious looking expression! In addition, she comes with a wooden bowl and chopsticks and a spoon with a whole stewed otter head as optional parts allowing for all sorts of different situations! Be sure to add the expressive Asirpa to your collection! *Hinna is an Ainu word for expressing thanks.

    Asirpa is a fictional anime character who is recognized for her unique appearance that distinguishes her from others. Her primary physical feature is her striking emerald green eyes paired with jet-black hair that falls in messy waves around her face. Asirpa appears to be small in stature and has a lean build, which is accentuated by her traditionally styled Ainu garments, consisting of a short embroidered jacket, a patterned skirt, and animal fur boots. Her hair is adorned with a pair of animal ears, which she is known to wear as a cultural practice.

    Asirpa has an intriguing story, which revolves around her Alaskan Ainu tribe's preservation and its rich cultural heritage. Born into a hunting family, Asirpa developed an early love for the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt, which is a crucial aspect of her heritage. When her father was murdered, Asirpa vowed to avenge his death and became fixated on finding treasure that her tribe had guarded for generations. Along the way, Asirpa meets and befriends Saichi Sugimoto, a battle-weary soldier, and the two embark on a quest to find the treasure while avoiding the danger of rival factions who wish to claim the treasure for their own. Through her journey, Asirpa gains confidence in her survival skills and discovers her roots.

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    148cm (4'10")

    41kg (91 lbs)







    Hunter and Treasure Seeker

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