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Nendoroid Goofy

Nendoroid Goofy product
Nendoroid Goofy
Nendoroid Goofy
Nendoroid Goofy
Nendoroid Goofy
Nendoroid Goofy

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    Goofy Goof
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  • Description

    Sculptor: toytec D.T.C Cooperation: Nendoron Goofy is joining the Nendoroid series! The long-beloved Disney character Goofy is joining the Nendoroid series! The Nendoroid comes with three types of interchangeable eye parts and two different muzzle parts. A musical note that can be displayed with the use of a support arm is included as an optional part. Goofy's hat is also removable. Be sure to display Goofy with Nendoroid Max (sold separately) coming soon to create scenes of Goofy and his son together!

    Goofy Goof is a beloved fictional character in the world of anime, known for his signature big smile, floppy ears, and lanky limbs. Standing at over six feet tall, Goofy towers over most characters in his universe. He is often seen wearing his iconic green hat and vest, along with black pants and white gloves. His round nose and large teeth complete his distinctive look. Despite his somewhat gangly appearance, Goofy's kindhearted personality makes him an endearing and charismatic figure.

    Goofy Goof's story begins as the captain of the royal knights in the magical world of Disney Castle. Although he is not the brightest or most agile, Goofy makes up for it with his unwavering loyalty and determination to protect his friends. After an attack on the castle, Goofy joins forces with Sora and Donald Duck to find King Mickey and save the realm from the evil Organization XIII. Throughout his journey, Goofy proves to be a valuable member of the trio with his powerful shield skills and ability to boost his teammates' morale. Along the way, he also learns important lessons about bravery, friendship, and the true nature of heroism.

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    192 cm (75.59 inches)

    95 kg (209 lbs)







    Captain of the Royal Knights.

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