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Nendoroid Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP Osamu Miya

Nendoroid Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP Osamu Miya product
Nendoroid Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP Osamu Miya
Nendoroid Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP Osamu Miya
Nendoroid Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP Osamu Miya
Nendoroid Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP Osamu Miya
Nendoroid Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP Osamu Miya

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Max: 7931 ¥

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    Osamu Miya
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Shichibee Cooperation: Nendoron Planning/Production: Good Smile Company "But I think that, when all's said and done, you love volleyball just a teensy bit more than me." From the popular volleyball anime series "Haikyu!!" comes a rerelease of the Nendoroid of Osamu Miya, twin brother of Atsumu Miya! He comes with three face plates including a standard expression, a taken aback expression and an eating expression. Parts are included to display him imitating one of Kageyama and Hinata's quick attacks, along with parts to display him doing an overhand toss, so you can recreate the Twins Quick Attack - Inverse. The Nendoroid also comes with a volleyball as well as a special base made in the image of a volleyball court. Additionally, a bowl of rice and chopsticks are included so you can recreate everyday situations as well. Be sure to add him to your collection along with Nendoroid Atsumu Miya (sold separately)!

    Osamu Miya is a fictional anime character from the popular sports anime series 'Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP'. He is a third-year high school student and plays as the wing spiker for the powerhouse team, Inarizaki High School. Osamu has a lean, muscular build with fair skin, black hair that is kept in a neat, swept-back style, and sharp, dark eyes that convey a sense of confidence and intensity. He has a distinctive mole on his left cheek that adds to his unique appearance. Osamu is often seen wearing his team's volleyball uniform, which consists of a red and white jersey with the number 5 printed on the back and matching shorts.

    Osamu Miya's story in Haikyuu!! starts when his team clashes with Karasuno, the protagonist’s team, in a heated match. Osamu is known for his powerful spikes and agile movements which make him a force to be reckoned with on the court. He works closely with his twin brother, Atsumu Miya, who acts as Inarizaki's setter, forming a strong duo that can outsmart and outplay their opponents. Osamu is highly competitive and often taunts his opponents, adding to the tension of the match. However, despite his tough exterior, Osamu is also shown to be a supportive teammate who cares deeply about his team's success. He is willing to put in the hard work to improve his skills and overcome any obstacles that come his way. Osamu and his team's journey towards their goal of winning the National Championship is filled with challenges, victories, and heartbreaks, making his character arc an unforgettable one.

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    179 cm (70.47 inches)

    65 kg (143.3 lb)






    Not Applicable

    High school student and wing spiker for Inarizaki High School volleyball team.

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