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Nendoroid Hunter x Hunter Kurapika

Nendoroid Hunter x Hunter Kurapika product
Nendoroid Hunter x Hunter Kurapika
Nendoroid Hunter x Hunter Kurapika
Nendoroid Hunter x Hunter Kurapika
Nendoroid Hunter x Hunter Kurapika
Nendoroid Hunter x Hunter Kurapika

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    Sculptor: SEI BUNTSU Paintwork: Yohei Kodama Cooperation: Nendoron "This is my vow!! A self-imposed restriction and proof of my resolve!!" From the anime series "HUNTER x HUNTER" comes a rerelease of the Nendoroid of Kurapika, the last survivor of the Kurta Clan! He comes with a composed standard expression, a somewhat sad smiling expression and a Scarlet Eyes expression from when using his Emperor Time ability. He comes with the chain created from his Conjuration ability as an optional part. Judgement Chain, his ability that can only use against the Phantom Troupe or he will die, can also be recreated. Nendoroid Chrollo Lucilfer (sold separately) is also available for preorder now. Display them together to recreate combat scenes! Be sure to add him to your collection along with the other Nendoroids from "HUNTER x HUNTER"!

    Kurapika is a fictional anime character from the series Hunter x Hunter. He has a distinctive appearance, with long, spiky scarlet hair and striking red eyes. He wears a black suit and red tie, along with black boots and gloves. He has a lean, athletic build and is known for his agility and speed. One of his most recognizable features is the chain that he wears around his neck, which he uses as a weapon in battle.

    The story of Kurapika is a tragic one. He is the last survivor of his clan, the Kurta, who were brutally massacred for their unique Scarlet Eyes. Kurapika is driven by a deep desire for revenge against the group responsible for the genocide, the Phantom Troupe. He trains as a Hunter in order to gain access to valuable information about the Troupe's whereabouts and weaknesses. Throughout the series, Kurapika struggles to balance his intense desire for revenge with his own sense of morality and the relationships he forms with his fellow Hunters. Despite the challenges he faces, Kurapika remains focused on his goal, and his determination and intelligence make him a formidable opponent in battle.

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    168 cm (66.1 inches)

    64 kg (141.1 lb)








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