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Nendoroid Kirby Waddle Dee

Nendoroid Kirby Waddle Dee product
Nendoroid Kirby Waddle Dee
Nendoroid Kirby Waddle Dee
Nendoroid Kirby Waddle Dee
Nendoroid Kirby Waddle Dee
Nendoroid Kirby Waddle Dee

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    Waddle Dee
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Shichibee (Matsuda Model) Cooperation: Nendoron The Nendoroid of Waddle Dee is coming back for a rerelease! From the popular "Kirby" game series comes a rerelease of the Nendoroid of Waddle Dee! The Nendoroid makes use of a number of magnets for posing, making his movements smooth, natural and easy to pose! He comes with four different face plates including a standard expression, a more serious expression, a sleeping expression and a cute downcast expression. A spear, bandana and apple are included as optional parts, allowing you to recreate Spear Waddle Dee and pose him carrying an apple! Enjoy displaying him with Nendoroid Kirby and Nendoroid Ice Kirby, and have fun recreating Dream Land in your own collection!

    Waddle Dee is a character that is part of the Kirby universe as a supporting character. This cute little creature resembles a blue, round ball with two arms and two feet. He has a small pink nose that accentuates his appearance and large, cute eyes that are always looking around. Waddle Dee also wears a white sailor's hat with a red top that matches his small bows that are found on his hands and feet. Although his physical appearance is simple, his cute and cuddly look has endeared him to many fans of the Kirby series.

    In the world of Kirby, Waddle Dee is a friendly and helpful character who often assists Kirby on his adventures. In some games of the series, he can be even found as Kirby's ally, helping the hero on his journey. He is known for his ability to throw javelins, which he uses to attack his enemies. Despite his peaceful nature, Waddle Dee is not one to back down from a fight when he needs to protect his friends. He can be found in various Kirby games, including Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, and Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Although he is a minor character, Waddle Dee is one of the most recognizable figures in the Kirby franchise.

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    5 cm (1.97 in)

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    Supporting character in the Kirby series.

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