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Nendoroid Magic: The Gathering Chandra Nalaar

Nendoroid Magic: The Gathering Chandra Nalaar product
Nendoroid Magic: The Gathering Chandra Nalaar
Nendoroid Magic: The Gathering Chandra Nalaar
Nendoroid Magic: The Gathering Chandra Nalaar
Nendoroid Magic: The Gathering Chandra Nalaar
Nendoroid Magic: The Gathering Chandra Nalaar

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    Chandra Nalar
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Yukou Yamaguchi (Phat!) Paintwork: Eriko Kaibara (Phat!) Cooperation: Nendoron The Pyromancer Planeswalker of Red From the trading card game "Magic: The Gathering" comes a Nendoroid of Chandra Nalaar! The fully articulated Nendoroid action figure comes with three interchangeable face plates including a forward-facing expression, an expression with glowing eyes and an angry expression with glowing eyes. Flame-like translucent interchangeable hair parts are included, and she also comes with two sets of magic effect parts for both hands, making for a total of 4 effect parts. An interchangeable skirt part for dynamic poses is included as well! Be sure to add her to your collection with Nendoroid Jace Beleren (sold separately).

    Chandra Nalaar is a fictional anime character from the popular card game and anime series "Magic: The Gathering". She has a striking appearance, with her bright orange hair styled in wild, flowing flames that match her fiery personality. Her eyes are a bright green, and she has a smattering of freckles across her cheeks. Chandra is often depicted wearing red and gold clothing, with a sleeveless crop top, shorts, and boots, perfect for her action-packed battles.

    Chandra is a powerful planeswalker, meaning she has the ability to travel through dimensions and manipulate magical energies. She grew up in the city of Kaladesh, where she discovered her innate talent for magic and her love of fireworks. Chandra is fiercely independent and has a strong sense of justice, leading her to use her powers to help those in need. However, her recklessness and impulsive nature often land her in trouble. Chandra's story is one of growth and redemption. She started off as a hotheaded troublemaker, but as she encountered new challenges and made new friends, she learned to control her powers and make more thoughtful decisions. Throughout her journey, she faced dangerous enemies, such as the demon Ob Nixilis, as well as personal challenges, such as her strained relationship with her father. Despite the hardships, Chandra remains a loyal and passionate friend, always willing to put her own life on the line for the greater good.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    162.5 cm (5'4'')

    50 kg (110 lbs)






    86-56-86 cm

    Planeswalker, Fire Mage, Protector of Kaladesh

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